Ultimate Sun Protection Tips For Your Home Windows Tinting

We all want our home to be welcoming and refreshing. And, to make our home bright and airy, we usually let the fresh sunlight enter our home. But, with the brightness and freshness, the sun rays will also bring dangerous ultraviolet rays which are very bad for your flooring, furniture, and other furnishings. These rays can destroy your expensive Italian marble floor and smooth leather furniture easily.  

So, in this article, we are going to investigate all about how the sun can damage your home interior and methods to protect it as well. Home window film also important in order to reduce and control the sun rays especially in Dubai.

Cause of Damage 

Before finding the solution to the problem, we need to learn about the causes of the problem first. Well, we all believe in the misconception that only ultraviolet rays harm the interior of the place, but in reality, only 40% of the sun rays are infected with UV rays. The other 25% of the rays spectrum contains the heated rays and visible rays which also cause the damage. .  

Window Films is the Best Solution

You see people, windw films are the best solution to safeguard your interior of the home from the attack of the scorching heat of the sun. Window film is the entire solution to save the residential & commercial window, That’s because they target each and every cause of the problem. Window films separately deal with the three major factors of the problem and provide us with the most lucrative solution.  

The Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

Most window films are adopted by the people which can offer them safety against the ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays are very strong and can damage the interior of your home or car pretty badly. There are special window films available to block the ultraviolet rays from entering the threshold of your home. The ultraviolet window films can block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays from harming your flooring, and other furniture items. So, if you live in an area where UV rays are very strong, then you should opt for window tinting with UV protection. This window tint protection is pretty necessary for you so that sun rays will not harm you.

The Protection Against Infrared Rays

The heated rays of the sun which increase the temperature of your are called infrared rays. They are very heated and can easily burn your furniture like rugs, leather couches, etc., With the help of solar window films which are specially designed to block these heated rays you can easily save your floor, furniture, and furnishings from fading due to the impact of the rays. By installing the window films you can block up to 40-60% of infrared rays from heating up the temperature. The blocking capacity of the window films depends upon the type of tint you select like ceramic window films have more capacity to block solar rays than dyed window films and that is necessary.

The Protection Against Visible Rays

The light coming from the sun can cause interior damage as well. They can fade your furniture, just like infrared rays also in automotive tinting. So, you need window films that can block these rays as well. Thankfully plenty of window films are available which can block around 60% of visible light such dyed window films. This sun protection also needed in the automotive industry because it will help you to safeguard your car’s exterior body and window from UV rays of the sun if you are living in Dubai.

Now, if you want to fully protect your interior from the attack of the sun rays, then you can install the window films which can offer you complete protection from all the three different elements of the rays. This way you can fully safeguard your home from the harmful rays so always make sure to get the tints with all the features.