How to Make Money from Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging

Traveling is one the most fascinating and delightful things that a human experiences many times in his or her life (not for all). Some individual are travel buff, they travel around the world to discover and explore new spaces and cultures. Traveling gives new experiences, and helps to unearth many hidden truths.

Also, one of them…

Are you also one of them? If yes, then why don’t you share your experience with us and the world? Don’t think It is not a wait of time; you can earn a handsome sum of money every month to fulfill your pursuit of seeing each and every corner of the world. Become a travel blogger!

Free blogging site or paid domain, which is the best?

Firstly, you have to start a blog. You can create your travel blog on a free blogging website, or own a domain name. If you follow the second route, then you have to take the help of a professional IT company for your website designing and development work. This needs some dollars, but still, it is the best option to give your blog a professional and a unique look. You have to make an investment to earn money in the future, the first law of business!

How to make money from travel blogging?   

Promote to earn

When your website reaches a massive fan following (minimum 2000 per day), in that case, you earn a lot by advertising other company’s products or services. For instance, you can advertise products such as travel, books, travel equipment etc. Or just advertise anything. Usually, companies will contact you via the contact information given by you on the contact us page of your website. Companies also pay heavily to those bloggers, who agree to add their company’s backlink on their posts.

Affiliate marketing

Have you ever heard about the Amazon affiliate? It is a brand marketing technique of Amazon in which the company pay bloggers, those whose blogs receive click on the products it has embedded by unique codes. Pay per click, they pay you for your effort of directing a potential customer on the Amazon page through your website. Like, Amazon there are many other believers of this marketing tool.

Donation from Readers

If you write well and have the writing skills to lure your readers to walk through your article refreshed, then you are sure to get a healthy donation from your readers. Don’t shy to ask for donations!

Write article for travel companies

You can also write trip influencing guest posts for travel companies or websites on guest posting sites or their official blog. Travel article does play a vital role in forcing people to confirm their travel plans.

Social media promotion

Promote your travel blog on various social media platforms like the Facebook, the Twitter, and the Instagram! After your blog has become a sensation on these platforms, you are bound to receive promotional call-ups from companies, those asking to promote their brand or products via your social media accounts.

Al the above are a few ways of making money by blogging, there are many others!