Know the Best Fishing Methods Around the World

Best Fishing Methods

Fishing is one of the oldest activities performed by man, being over 2000 years old. Fishing is still very popular and it can be done for commercial purposes or for recreational / sportive reasons. Being such an old occupation, fishing developed a lot over the years and a lot of new methods were created, methods that improve or ease the fishing process. Those methods also differ by the type of fish that you want to catch and by the type of water (river, ocean, sea). Also, fishing developed differently in a lot of places, and several methods were strongly influenced by the customs and traditions of the specific country.

Without any doubt, pole fishing remains one of the most popular and used methods around the world. There are a lot of fishing rod models available on the market which offer more accuracy and an improved handling. Still, even if this method is recreational and effective, some people want a little more, and tend to focus on some unusual fishing techniques.

Below, we will present you a list with these methods and how are they performed in different countries. fishing in UAE is different from Fishing in us and so on.


Japan was always a fishing country and over time its inhabitants developed a lot of methods that are very effective but still, unknown to the majority of people. One of these methods is “Tenkara” and it’s still one of the most popular methods of fresh-water fishing in Japan. The traditional tenkara was using a bamboo rod, horse tail and silk. Today, the technology evolved and the modern tenkara uses fiberglass fishing rods, an artificial bait and a line that propels the artificial fly and make it land softly on the water. This method is very simple to learn and it’s ideal for trout fishing as they will rush to the artificial bait and grab it without any hesitation.


Iceland is another country, famous for its fishing potential. This country has some of the most clearest waters in the world and the fish can be easily observed especially in shallow waters. This goes both ways and due to the clarity of water, the fish can easily spot any irregularity and run away.

That’s why, the Icelanders developed a simple but yet effective fishing method that is called “hand-fishing”. As the name suggests, this method is performed entirely with bare hands and the fisherman has to wait until the fish is in his sight, and to quickly grab it with both hands. This technique requires a good reaction speed but with a bit of practice, everybody will be able to do it properly.

Scandinavian countries

Scandinavian countries  have one of the biggest fishing potential in the world, and their nationals traditions are strongly related to the fishing process. Even though their most popular tool is the fishing net, this is not a very sportive method, being rather used for commercial purposes. The most beloved fishing technique is ice fishing, method that has its origins in Scandinavia. The modern ice fishing is more safe and increases the productivity than the traditional way of approach.

In the old days, the fisherman had to go on a frozen lake, check if the ice is strong enough to support him, dig a whole in the ice and hope that a fish will come by. Things improved a little, and today, the fishermen use some high-tech devices like GPS receivers and sonars to spot the places where the fish is located. This new approach of ice fishing is more interactive, as you will be able to reduce the waiting time significantly.


Thailand is a great touristic destination for fishing purposes and a lot of techniques were invented here. One of the most effective is the “cage feeder”. For this method you will need a special device, designed as a cage with a hook. What you need to do is to place a bait on the hook and slowly sink the device. When the fish will bite, the cage will automatically close, trapping it inside. This technique is extremely effective in overhanging vegetation rivers or in shallow waters.

As you can see, sportive fishing is very interactive and there are a lot of diverse techniques in which you can perform it. All you need to do is to select your fishing method accordingly, and to have a proper fishing gear.