Tips While Relocating To Saudi Arabia

Relocating To Saudi Arabia

The east is a kingdom swelling with abundant virtue and people from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia with will-o’-the-wisp for a radiant future in a place with boundless opportunities. Saudi Arabia is vibrant in culture and heritage and it is the birthplace of Islam which makes it a holy reliquary for Muslims from all over the world. The first tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia is to have a strong suit of consciousness as Saudi Arabia has a strong religious uniqueness and viewpoints and anyone traveling or thinking to move to Saudi Arabia should be conscious of the intricacies, culture, and law to ensure that their stay is fruitful and enjoyable.

Due to the vast opportunities in the tourism, heritage and culture, and energy-related job sector in Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of expats who come into the country and most of them work years before retiring to their own country.

So, whether you are going to Saudi Arabia on a contract or for a permanent job here are some of the tips while relocating that you should consider :

1. Saudi Arabia’s Culture:

The first tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia’s is adherence to their culture and though their culture can appear baffling at the first glance however expats have tarried for years comfortably because the empire treats them with honour and renders for a very high quality of life. Saudi Arabia’s legal system is driven by Islamic Sharia law, which is evident through the culture and behaviour of the kingdom. Islamic culture differs from western cultures and since the culture is so distinctive people who come into the country should make an effort to learn and confirm to the new way of living to avoid criminal prosecution.

To ensure that you abide by the rules here are some basic antiquate rules or tips to follow:

  • Humility and honour for one another are some of the prime factors in the Kingdom which makes it another important tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia.  When you come into the country you should tarry by the decorum of the kingdom. Women are reckoned to wear modest clothes that are not exhibiting or firm and they should wear the abaya which is the national dress for women to wear in public. Some women even cover their heads in a hijab with a scarf however it is not mandatory.
  • The third tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia is to note that PDA or public display of affection is impudent and so is holding hands with your spouse.
  • One other important tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia is that the right hand is used for gifting others and for handshakes and greetings. The left hand is for personal hygiene so the left hand is never used for greeting people. This rule is common in many South Asian countries.
  • One more tip while relocating in Saudi Arabia is that it is unprecedented to show the sole of the foot as it is considered offensive and it is a cultural thing. Just like in some countries pointing with one finger is reckoned rude, in the Arab world showing off the foot is considered turbulent.

2. Festivities:

Muslim festivities are clocked around the moon and this means there is no fixed calendar of festival dates. For example, they do not have 25th Dec designated for Christmas which falls every year at the same date. Islamic festival dates are announced a week or so before they occur. There are several celebrations like Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-al-Fitr. So another tip while relocating to Saudi Arabia is to be respectful of the various religious events.

3. Saudi Arabian Women:

Men and Women have unconventional and notable rules that stringently lay the foundation. Men and women sustain distance and unmarried men and women aren’t supposed to have any contact or touch at all. Public transportation, beaches, or parks all have dissociation between men and women, and women require male’s approval for some requisites like a permit to drive, renting an apartment, etc however these rules have been eased a little over time.

4. Saudi Arabia Weather

Saudi Arabia is a vast land with beautiful landscapes, it has huge mountains and it has white sands and serene beaches. The weather conditions widely vary and June is the hottest month of the year. The maximum temperature soars to a 45-50 degree Celsius so measures like drinking water and staying hydrated are vital and wear sunglasses and using UV protection is very essential.

5. Accommodation in Saudi Arabia 

There are plenty of accommodations in the Kingdom however most expats stay in the compounds that are arranged by their companies. One such compound is by Retal residence who are renowned for their quality compounds that are made beautifully and house all the comforts of the modern world, here expats have the freedom to do as they please as the normal laws do not apply here. Women can dress and function as they would do back home which is a welcoming gesture for most who stay out of their country. Alcohol remains illegal as it is considered ’haram’ by Islamic norms.

6. Safety 

A tip while relocating is that living in Saudi Arabia should be done within the boundaries of the Islamic religion and state rules as defying them can lead to heavy fines. The judicial system is based on sharia law and this applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims.