8 Things To Consider While Buying A Plasma Cutter

Buying A Plasma Cutter

Are you in the welding business or an industry that requires cutting metal sheets or plasma cutters? Well, then you might know how important it is to choose the right blade. Your presence in this article confirms it. But, with so many specifications and features available, you might be confused as to which one to choose.

No worries!

This article covers reliable information to help you choose the right plasma cutter. It will explain to you the things you need to consider while opting for one. 

Just a general tip

Sometimes replacing parts is enough. You don’t have to buy a new cutter. While talking about spares, opt for handheld plasma cutter parts, or Hypertherm powermax 85 consumables, precisely. They are one of the best in the market.  

Back on track!

1. Air Compressor

Plasma cutters need compressed air to create plasma. There are two ways to provide it. Either you can use the in-built air compressor, or you can supply air externally. Both types render excellent results. But, while buying a cutter, you need to decide which option is preferable for you. 

An in-built air compressor is expensive, but it would minimize your small tasks.

2. Reliability

No one wants a tool that wears down quickly. When it comes to plasma cutters, it’s vital that you select the machine with top quality and durability. There are two reasons for this. First, plasma cutters are expensive, and everyone, including you, prefers a one-time investment over frequent expenses. Next, you don’t want that low-quality machine to break down in the middle of work. 

So, when reliability comes, go for brands like Hypertherm, Miller, Lincoln, etc. They provide the best of handheld plasma cutter parts.

3. Pilot Arc 

Pilot Arc is a feature of a plasma cutter that helps make a stable arc. It provides long consumable life and cuts the metal without the torch’s tip striking the metal.

Looking out for the pilot arc is essential if you have to cut rusty surfaces. because you don’t need to clean and strike the metal. This is a modern feature, and many of the latest cutters will have it in-built. For low-budget models, check it once.

If you want long-lasting consumables, try Hypertherm Powermax 85 consumables.

4. Voltage

A plasma cutter comes with three voltage options. They are 115V, 230V, or dual-mode that consists of both the options. If you need a blade for home purposes or you’re a beginner, 115V would be perfect for you. It will fit into your household power outlet.

If you opt for 230V, you would need a generator to run it. While choosing a dual-mode, you can easily switch the plug based on your requirements and environment. 

5. Cut Rating

The most crucial factor while choosing a plasma cutter is the thickness of the metal that it can cut. While choosing, consider your metal’s maximum thickness and eventually buy one that’s capable of it. And if you’re still unsure, go for a high cut rating.

There are three cut ratings. They are:

  • Rated Cut: The metal that can be cut at a speed of 10 inches per minute.
  • Quality Cut: The metal with less thickness and low speed.
  • Server Cut: The maximum cut. It is slow and might not be a clean one. 

6. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is like the cutter’s withholding capacity. It denotes the amount of use an edge can endure repeatedly. So, make sure that your plasma cutter has a high duty cycle. Only then can you use it for a longer time. 

Also, keep in mind that with high voltage, the duty cycle decreases. Look for a high percentage of amps for the best duty cycle.

7. Accuracy and Precision

There are different kinds of cutters. Some provide accurate and clear cuts; others merely cut. They don’t require precise shape laser cutting, or so. So, before you select one, first, understand your requirements. If you need a blade with accuracy and precision cutting capability, or a blade to cut metal. 

After you sort your requirements, go for the brands. Don’t merely trust manufacturers, as everyone’s product is “the best” according to them.

8. Budget Limitations

Different brands have different products with varying price ranges. The factors for this are many. However, quality is a significant factor. High-quality products will cost you more. Choose one based on your budget but don’t compromise on the quality. It’s better to pay more once than spend a smaller amount frequently. 


Other factors are the cutter’s electrical specs, cutting torch, weight, consumables life span, and more. But, with the ones explained above, you are almost there to get your ideal machine. 

Research the brands while buying one. Even for spare and handheld plasma cutter parts, choose branded materials such as Hypertherm Powermax 85 consumables.