Tips to Help You Choose Your Chainsaw


One of the problems that we usually have when selling chainsaws is usually that customers want to buy machinery with professional qualities designed to work full hours of work when they are only going to give it a private use.

A priori, this should not be a big problem, but over time, we find machinery that is practically new, with extremely little use but that the manufacturer has stopped having spare parts, so the possibilities of repair are reduced often to the expertise of the mechanic in question.

 If you are dealing with private customers who normally will not pull or cut large logs, the ideal is to buy small chainsaws, which on the one hand will weigh less and which is very important, will have a lower price, but,

What should our chainsaw have?

Most of the brands or manufacturers of chainsaws usually play a lot with the equipment of the machines, very often causing the brand to eclipse what we finally bought.

Taking into account that professional chainsaws would be the most equipped, we are going to analyze this equipment to find out what the manufacturer eliminates to reduce costs.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chainsaws

It is possible that the most important point is the way in which the Crankcase where the crankshaft is housed has been manufactured, there are several options that we will detail:

The crankcase of a chainsaw made of Magnesium is today the best finish that exists, for its durability and lightness, thus allowing the cylinder to have only this function and is not also part of the crankshaft seal. Another advantage is that in the event of a fall or hit with an object, magnesium is much harder than plastic.

 In recent times, I have seen chainsaws made with half the magnesium crankcase and the other half made of plastic, which from what I have seen, is one of the worst possible fabrications since when expanding one side of the machine in a way unlike the other, it causes oil leakage problems, cracks in the plastic and other types of air intake problems. I leave you a photograph where you can see that the side of the oil and gasoline plugs is plastic. Check here the best chainsaw at mydeal.

In short, the plastic casing would be the most basic or cheapest to manufacture and therefore the one with the least quality, firstly due to its flexibility in a part of the machine where rigidity is needed to avoid vibrations and where the fastenings of the parts Functional must be stable, in addition, that the plastic and the heat produced by the proper operation of the engine deforms it with some ease. I leave you an image of a plastic crankcase whereas you can see, the crankshaft housing does not exist, this housing is produced with only 4 lower housings.

 Another characteristic that can be considered important is the way in which the vibrations are damped, which corresponds to the suspension on which the parts of the chainsaw that are picked up by hand are supported.

Mainly two types are used, either manufacturer uses steel springs that are undoubtedly better as long as they are well dimensioned, or plastic plugs or slime blocks are used that usually give more problems since various breakage problems arise when softening with the contact with liquids such as oil or gasoline.

 If we want to continue investigating a bit about the way to reduce costs in a chainsaw, another of the things that we must take into account is the position where the clutch bell is located.  Normally its position greatly influences the mechanisms that the chain cover must-have.

 If the cover does not have any mechanism, we avoid a lot of problems with the chain brake.

If the bell is integrated into the chainsaw’s own crankcase, it is evident that the mechanisms are more compact and do not have the possibility of moving or mounting incorrectly when putting the chain cover on or off. In addition, as can be seen in the photographs, the assembly of the chain is more comfortable, and clean the chainsaw is very easy.

 There are many aspects that we must take into account when we go to buy a machine, it can be said that not all brands are strong or the best in everything. For example, Japanese manufacturers are undoubtedly the best at making chainsaws with horizontal one-hand pruner-type pistons. These manufacturers manage to make chainsaws with ultra-small motors and minimum weight.

 On the other hand, the German manufacturers always speaking from my opinion and point of view, they are the best manufacturing mechanical chain saws with vertical motors since they achieve much higher durability, sacrificing in some cases the performance but increasing the hours of work of the machine. Considerably.

 In recent times, there are manufacturers that are introducing electronic components in carburetors to avoid adjusting them due to differences in height and humidity, but it must be recognized that today it is not a technology that is giving the expected results since that generate various problems that are difficult to solve in the field.

Buying a chainsaw with the unregulated chain oil pump today is a huge mistake. Many brands mount plastic chain oil pumps on chainsaws to lower the price as much as possible, although these same brands on professional chainsaws mount aluminum pumps with pump regulation that allow you to better preserve the edge of the chain by having the possibility of pump more oil when cutting hardwoods.

Removing the air filter without the need for tools, the fact that the machine has a unified control to pull the air or stop the machine from the same lever is already a fact that manufacturers are taking for granted.

Details such as the screw with which the cutting chain is tensioned are on the side of the machine and not on the front, which makes access very difficult and is another of the things we should look at when we buy a chainsaw, whether it’s a hobby, semi-professional or professional.

There are different types of chain manufacturer’s play with to make the best use of the cutting speed and capacity of the working length of the sprat. If the chainsaw mounts low profile 3/8 ”chains, since it has the smallest cutting tooth, it is evident that the power does not help and that this machine mounts a greater step and that is why the machine is usually more economical.

 Ask your seller which are the different types of chain that exist and which one mounts the chainsaw in which you are interested since if you see the difference between each one of the steps you will better understand the concepts ¼ ”, 3” 8 Low Profile, .325 ”Or 3/8 ” which basically are those that exist in the market.

One of the most frequent mistakes that users make when buying a chainsaw is thinking that the bigger the cutting blade is, the bigger and more powerful the machine is, but nothing is further from reality. There are manufacturers, especially Chinese, who mount huge blades on chainsaws to make users believe that their chainsaws are the most powerful. But they always usually mount small chain gates type 3/8” Low profile so that, having the smallest cutting teeth, the machine can cut the largest radius.

 Finally, to avoid lengthening the article, I will tell you that it is also important that the chainsaw has what we call an easy to start, which is a mechanism that helps us pull the rope saving the compression without making a great effort. In the most modern chainsaws it is usually mounted, but beware, it is something relatively new, and not all manufacturers mount it.