Tips to Ensure That Your Website Design Is Done Right.

The road to success is always full of ups and downs and if it seems smooth then you are on the wrong path. Likewise, to achieve top rankings and higher credibility in this cut-throat competitive world, the company should put efforts into the designing of the website. If the goal is to accomplish the heights of SERP ranking along with organic traffic then focus on the appearance of your website, make it as amazing as an eye-treat.

The world has grown into a digital village and having a website is a must for your business’s profit and promotion. It is not possible for the customers across the nation to reach the physical location of the business, but with the help of website they can witness the company virtually and get an idea of its product and services. Not just this, the website also does the job of image building for the company when put on a global platform.

Website design represents a company at a global level. If the design is captivating and alluring the user visiting the site will automatically get converted into a permanent customer. While hiring a website designer, the company must investigate all about its post-work results along with customer testimonials. One can choose to hire a freelance web designer or any website designing agency, the results will be effective for your business as long as they are experienced in the job of designing.

If you are designing a website, there are certain things that must be taken care of in order to ensure the productivity of the website. Here is a list of few tips and tricks that one should follow if they want to make the designing right:

  • Is Your Website Fast-Paced or Not?

No matter how beautifully or creatively you design your website, if it turns out to be a slow-paced site, the potential customers will be repelled. Besides the element of uniqueness, the site needs to work and load its content at a faster speed. It has been proven that if a website ends up taking more than 3 secs to open after being clicked the chances of a user leaving the site increases.

Don’t lose potential customers for your company because of the speed, ask the designer to put a focus on this element. You should also check after the designing is done how the website runs on the global platforms.

  • Simplicity Is The Utter Sophistication, Yes Or No?

Designers in the hoard of making the website extremely attractive and unique end up making it a mess with the involvement of too many elements. It is a myth to think that a simple website won’t be as appealing, while the truth is that simple things are easier to understand and gives clarity of doubts.

Colours- In the current scenario, minimalism has become the most trending form of designing. One may have witnessed that websites include more of black and white colour in designing rather than loud colours like bright red, bright blue, green or yellow.

Elements- Addition of unnecessary elements only make it more difficult for the users to find what they are actually looking for? Not everyone visits the site to have an outlook of the design, some just need to grab data about a particular section but with the presence of multiple sections, the process becomes confusing.

  • How Swift Is Website Navigation?

Be it a freelance web designer or a digital marketing agency, whatever mode of designer you choose, ask them to make the navigation a smooth experience. The customer should know which page to visit as soon as they open the website, finding sections should not be a reason for difficulty.

Few things that can make the navigation smoother are:

  • Provide a Search box so the customer can search whatever they are looking for.
  • Avoid making the navigation a deeper hole, a 3-layer cover is more than enough.
  • Not just the header but the footer must also be equipped with navigation.
  • Inclusions Of Image Is Important?

The inclusion of human picture gives a sense of connectivity to the users. Humans have the ability to relate with the emotions of the person be it in reality or on the webpages. One of the researches showed that a company increased its conversion rate by 102.5 percent by just a mere change of adding a smiling girl picture. While the addition of image is a great idea, try and avoid using stock images on your website.

  • Can Visitors Share The Content?

Sharing, tweeting, re-tweeting all have become a common phenomenon of today’s world. Something that is worth reading is immediately shared by the users on their social media platform. If your website is full of great content and excellence it deserves to be shared and made popular.

The non-availability of share button restricts the visitors from promoting the website any further and this also restricts the company’s customer reach. The inclusion of social sharing button is a new thing in the market, yet it possesses huge significance.

  • Is The Website Mobile Ready?

The invention of smart-phones has made everything easy, from calling to online shopping to making a search, everything is now in our pockets. Do not forget to do site optimization for mobile phones. The world today uses a mobile phone for every small and big search as they are handy and portable.

Companies put complete focus on the desktop compatibility of the website, but they forget to check the same for mobile phones. The majority of the world’s population is a mobile user, so if your company’s website is not mobile ready, you are losing a massive number of customers.

  • How appealing is your content?

Content is the king element of a website. When a user reads the content, he/she should be able to connect with the write, the product or service you are selling should be depicted vividly in the content.

Also remove the usage of we and ours with connecting words like you and yours, as these words enable a feeling of commitment from your side to the potential customer.

So, these were some of the crucial tips that will make your website design more productive. Web designs carry great significance in today’s world especially if your motive is to grow the business, acquire top ranking or SERP and boost the organic traffic.