5 Ways Self Service Portal Improves Customer Experience

5 Ways Self Service Portal Improves Customer Experience

Increased demand from customers regarding digital experiences has made the development of self-service customer portals way more critical. For brands that want to win their target audience through advanced digital aspects. They have changed many working parameters based on changing customer needs. Having a self-service customer portal with added elements is no exception to this.

It has been a great success for businesses to adopt a strong self-service portal option. There are many factors that affect the quality of that portal, which we will further discuss in this article:

Self Service Portal Improves Customer Experience

What is a self-service customer portal?

Basically, a self-service customer portal is a site with automated features and factors that provide user-related information to resolve issues. There are two different types of self-service portals: one is a customer self-service portal, and the other is an employee self-service portal. for this article, our focus is on business-based customer self-service portal.

The main concept of introducing the self-service portal is simply related to providing customers with a better option for communication and empowering them to perform the tasks by themselves. With time, there have been many technical advancements, and there have also been an increased number of customers and an increased user experience. Aside from that, there has been an increase in problems that must be resolved.

For this, you must implement the use of a self-service portal with enhanced customer experience.

How self-service portal improve customer experience?

The question that comes to mind at first is: How to improve customer experience with a self-service portal?
Here, we will give you five obvious reasons for the same:

By connecting your target audience to your brand representatives easily

One of the best ways self-service portals help improve the customer experience is by making mutual customer-care communication easier. The latest generation of self-service kiosks can instantly put customers in contact with brand representatives.

When a customer finds this sort of instant user experience, they will probably tend to stick to the band more and use it more often. Even business pundits consider it one of the tips to improve customer experience instantly, for the sake of customer communication.

The self-service portal is a modern and secure way of resolving the increased number of customer concerns. Developing an instant communication facility will help the customer to know the glitch way more easily and get the best recommendations for them. You can let your customers know the subject details via online community forums, FAQs, knowledge bases, and other databases as well. Having a good attitude toward support staff and making sure to attend to your customers is an added benefit!

Better customer service with more customers

The quality of your existing customer service should not be negatively affected by the increase in customers. Self-service kiosks go hand in hand with better customer service. A significant customer does not want to waste a lot of time waiting for a certain action to be completed. Having a self-addressed service site will only empower customers to perform most of their web activities by themselves.

They will not have to be dependent on anyone else for their tasks to be completed. When they increase in number, you have to be very approachable towards them as a brand. If you have a larger number of customers, your portal’s existing database should be able to provide the necessary customer service immediately.

Coming up with endless customization offers

An easy-to-use and self-serve technology with an adequate customization process helps customers process their needs faster on their own terms. For example, with a self-service portal, you will allow your customers to schedule a call at any time of the day without the need for them to call your call center.

This automation-based customization will give your customers the power to control everything, and they will feel more important. Also, you will be able to serve your customers easily, at speed, and with all the transparency they are actually looking for!

Reducing automation-based customer-related issues

Most customers get easily frustrated, when there is no immediate service, more call-on waiting, a lack of real-time resolution to their issues, no speedy action to their requirements, etc. Brands should understand that customers want to help themselves and be very good at doing this. This makes sense when you could implement high-end automation in your existing customer self-service portal. A customer portal should be able to give them the best automation. And data customization with all the possible shopping experiences, with every other option related to it.

Providing 24/7 customer support would be of great help with the automation program you want to put your customer in. Your customers will tend to reach out to you more and use your portal more if they feel supported at all times. Additionally, they may recommend your business to their friends and family for similar services.   

Update knowledge bases and databases and pair them with AI

Every organization has its own set of knowledge bases. Which need to be updated and reviewed from time to time. Even today, the knowledge base of organizations needs an overhaul. The reason is that they are lacking content updates, technology upgrades, and usability.

Updating the existing content on a regular basis is the only way to solve this problem. Increasing the search capabilities of the existing database using the AI approach will make the portal way more efficient for serving the right and adequate amount of customer service. By keeping the knowledge base updated, you can provide customers with absolute relevant information.

Final thoughts

The statistics have already shown great advancements in terms of customers’ reliance on digital channels to make online purchases and reach out for every small activity to get done. By 2025, more than 50% of total customer interactions around the globe will be done on a self-service portal basis. Alongside AI, the upcoming customer-representative interactions will also include virtual assistants.

If you also want to have your own customer service portal with updated features, you must have the extended, handy support of a well-reputed software development company. Aixtor can help you determine your current self-service portal requirements and meet the futuristic needs of making it way more reliable to address customer issues more effectively.