How to Setup a Web hosting – Complete Guide

Web hosting – Complete Guide

If you are thinking of a web hosting set up to start visibility of your website in SERP then you have to understand some basic principal so that you can begin your work into right direct ions with appropriate step. Web hosting is a product where your website data and its files are stored.

So before go ahead, you need to buy a hosting service and a domain from a trust worthy and stable web host company. You should choose your domain carefully. In order to buy your domain you must consider your business and its nature because a domain is the sign of your products and service and your customers will know you by your ideal and easy to remember domain name.

Also aware of a suitable theme where your service will be listed in perfect manner so that your respective end users can reach up to you.

Now, you have learned of domain and theme then it’s time to think of a web hosting and it’s set up process. Buy a web host from a web hosting firm along with essential features like managed server, protection software and tools, support tools and so on.

If you are not buying domain and hosting yet then we suggest you to buy them from the same service providers.

First learn which type of host would be suitable for your business. Here three major point with brief explanation.

Shared host – Shared web hosting is one the tiny internet space and it offers some basic feature to manage low level or a small website. This hosting is ideal for new blogs which don’t have large files and traffic. In order to buy it you have to pay a low cost and don’t need to learn more to handle its cPanel.

VPS Host – Virtual private server hosting is the upgrade version of shared host. It offers features, tool and freedom more than a shared hosting. It serves you highly powerful features when you don’t have large budget and other investment.

Dedicated hosting – This server is the upgrade version of VPS host. Dedicated sever have crossed all the limitations and capacities of hosting service. This host offers maximum customization, security features, storage capacity and bandwidth with single hosting.

Replace DNS Name

When you buy your web hosting then you get a name server with your internet space. These name servers are also known as domain name server or DNS server. These DNS contains lot of IP address. After buying a host, you need to change your DNS name. This is very simple task but one of the mandatory in order to go ahead.

In order to change you DNS name server, you need to open your cPanel in your browser. After that you have to fin domain name option and click on it where you want to change name. Change your old name with new name server name offered by web host and click on update button.

Upload your website

Now you are able to upload your entire website after connecting to your cPanel via FTP or FileZilla. Open you cPanel and click on FTP option then choose web root and click Go. Add all website folders and files with public_html.

You can also upload your website using FTP.


I hope you would understand the entire process of website uploading into cPanel and FTP. As we are a web hosting company, it’s our duty to let them learn of web hosting features, plans and core process. To upload a website is very easy and one time process. If you have any query then you can ask below in the comment section. We are here and ready to answer your all queries regarding web hosting and its functionality.

The major process is to buying a web hosting which should be reliable, secure and faster than others and should be from a quality service provider.

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