Tips on pulling off different looks in a Varsity Jacket (Women’s Edition)

From schools to high-end fashion ramps and outlets – a varsity jacket is a clothing article that has not only survived until the 21st century but has become a staple item in everybody’s wardrobe. Varsity jackets sprung out for the 1st time almost 90 years ago but still remain a highly desirable clothing item for people of all genders, backgrounds, and ages alike.

A brief history of varsity jackets.

Very few people know how these timeless classics actually incepted. These coveted jackets (varsity jackets) were born in the United States of America in 1865 when an Ivy League football team player wanted to look different and wanted to stand out from the other students. They wanted to create a new class for themselves. They wanted to show off, their achievement of representing their prestigious school in various inter-school (inter-varsity) sporting events. The prestigious Harvard team were the ones who wanted to be unique and stand out and so sewed the letter H (H for Harvard) on their uniform team uniform sweaters. Thus, the name “Letterman jacket” came up. The act of stitching the letter onto their jackets could be done only by the top performers in the team. The ones with a substandard performance or anything short of excellence weren’t allowed to wear the varsity jackets and had to wear plain jackets and sweaters. This act became a trend and soon numerous other schools adopted this concept. They started doing the very same thing which made varsity jackets even hipper. In the 1930s these letterman sweaters were dropped and jackets were introduced instead of them. Typically the classic varsity jackets had their body made out of wool & their sleeves were made out of leather. Both the body and the sleeves were in different colors. The sleeves were usually in the school’s colors whereas the body was contrasting. These jackets became even more trendy and good looking when different styles of collars, waistbands & cuffs were introduced that matched the school or college’s colors. In today’s age and time, varsity jackets have adopted a lot of new looks & are available in countless patterns & styles, and are made out of different materials (unlike the classic that had to made out of wool and leather. Period!). Along with being trendy in schools, varsity jackets entered into the music world and high-end ramp walks & gained even more attention, both locally & internationally. These simple high school jackets turned into the latest fashion. Famous stars like Michael Jordan, 2Pac Shakur, and numerous others relating to the music, fashion, and movie industry donned these jackets, and people started to want them even more.

Ways of donning them?

These jackets are generally associated with sports and so naturally look sporty and give off an urban rustic rugged image. However, due to the recent boom of athleisure, numerous designers and fashion icons have changed the way varsity jackets used to be worn before. Now you can simply outfit yourself in a varsity jacket for nearly every occasion.

The Sporty Look (Women)

The boom of athleisure has made the sporty look quite popular & it seems like this trend will stay in the mainline for a long long time. Opting for the sporty & athletic style is a very good option to go for. With the history associated with these jackets, pulling off the sporty athletic look is quite easy. The only thing is that varsity jackets are more suited for the male gender as they naturally give off a manly feel. But you don’t have to worry about that when you pair them with the right accessories they’ll simply look amazing on all you girls out there. To pull off the sporty look, you should go for a basic or a patterned t-shirt. Remember to choose the right colors. Pair these with some shorts, yoga pants, or those loose husband/boyfriend jeans. Finish the look off with some runners or sneakers, & try not to hang a purse choose and put on a nice little smart bag. Put on some delicate earrings and nice simple chains and wear a watch. Don’t forget to wear simple jewelry. It would keep the look neat and chic.

Go Casual

The Casual look is very easy to pull off when we talk about donning varsities. Simply pull out a basic tee or a nice casual blouse to go underneath that goes with the color of your jacket. Pair them with tight skinny jeans or tight trousers. Choosing footwear for this look is the easiest part. You can go for anything from flats to sneakers. Carry a nice purse and remember to put on some jewelry as well. Put on some shiny stuff and voila. You girl are ready to hit the streets and make those jaws drop.

Varsity Jackets can be Classy and Elegant

Who says while wearing a varsity jacket you cannot look chic and classy and elegant? As a matter of fact you can very easily pull this look off as well. To do that you would simply require a nice varsity jacket, smart jewelry, a watch, and some super-sexy high heels. Put on a pretty blouse that goes well with the jacket you are about to wear. Pair them with some nice fitting trousers or you could also go for a nice sober pencil skirt and finish the look off with those super-sexy highs. Oh & I almost forgot, to really nail it, put on some stylish bling. Don’t overdo the jewelry, just wear a trendy bracelet, long earrings, a delicate necklace & a watch. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also put on a sophisticated scarf.