The Uniqueness of Indian Food That Makes it The Supreme Cuisine

Indian food has something different about it; it has got some distinct and amazing flavors that can make anyone from around the world fall for it. The difference lies in the year’s old recipes and methods to prepare these dishes. Indian food is the perfect mirror of India’s diverse culture and traditions. Indian food over the years has evolved a lot, all thanks to different cultures, weathers, communities and traditions.

Today Indians are spread across the world and so as the Indian food. Gone are the days when to taste the Indian delicacies one especially had to fly down to Indian, now you may find some of the best vegetarian restaurants Melbourne serving authentic Indian food.

However, no matter how much food you are of Indian food and delicacies but we are sure that there are certain things which even you are not aware of. So here let’s look into such few things that are hard to believe but are true about Indian food:

Spice is not the essence of Indian food: There is doubt about the fact that a hardcore traditional Indian dish is the blend of many spices but it is not necessary that all Indian food items be spicy. Many uses spicy as the synonym for Indian food, but this is not true. Not all Indian food is spicy, the essence of spice in Indian food can always be adjusted and it will still taste as good as you want it to be.

Easy to cook: Many people believe that cooking Indian food requires a lot of culinary skills but it is not like that. If you try even you can cook some of the amazing Indian dishes that you might have tasted at the best vegetarian restaurant Melbourne. In fact, some of the Indian dishes are not only easy to cook but are prepared in almost no time.

Curry” is no dish: Surprised!!! But it’s true, curry is no Indian dish but only an ingredient of one of the dishes we enjoy. Curry basically is the gravy of the dish, and there are many Indian dishes which are sans gravy and still taste amazing.

Health Benefits: Many Indian dishes may have a lot of oil content and maybe little heavy but one cannot deny the fact that there are several health benefits associated with Indian food. There is a wide range of dishes that do not require much of the oil and are healthy to eat. In fact, there are certain spices like turmeric, ginger, chilly and garlic which has medicinal properties as well. For e.g. Turmeric is known to heal injuries very quickly, it is considered as an antiseptic.

Diverse culture: The unique thing about Indian food is that at every kilometer you will find a difference in the flavour and taste of Indian food. Indian culture is so diverse that you get to taste the flavour of all diverse cultures through Indian food. You may have eaten Indian food a lot of times in some of the best Indian restaurant Melbourne but now that you know about the uniqueness of Indian food you will relish it more.