The Facilities In Buying 3BHK Flat In Apartment

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Many flat purchasers seem to think there is not a major difference between a BHK 2 and a 3 BHK flat apartment, other than the size and cost. In fact, there are different factors that distinguish between different flat sizes.

We can all understand the concept of owning 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments in Hyderabad when you want to buy a flat in Hyderabad. The home buyer may have negotiated the financing and settled on a house. At the same time, the choice between 2 BHK Flats for Sale in Gachibowli.

If you are a home buyer for the first time or a well-known buyer then no knowledge on this subject is meaningless. Good analysis and analytical capacity are the most important things to determine on your dream flat according to your current lifestyle needs and budget.

Today, both clients and building firms want additional room and comfort.

Most of the 3 BHK houses are constructed with state-of-the-art technology and increased amenities which increase demand for 3 BHK apartments.

The possession of 3 rooms in Hyderabad, thanks to improved transport links by road, rail and airport, and excellent weather conditions in the city of Hyderabad, will no doubt enhance the help of larger families.

Furthermore, it is extremely affordable to buy 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad, Telangana when compared to other cities and states in India.

To opt for a 3 BHK flat rather than a 2BHK flat is always a good idea

Primary Areas: 

If you observe carefully, in the main places of Hyderabad there are many 3 BHK homes. The builders of real estate are focused on building large apartments that offer consumers convenience.

If you are a member of a broad family, 3 BHK would be the correct choice. You would have less travel time if you buy the property in a top spot. You can also remain in close proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.


A majority of construction companies in Hyderabad supply 3 BHK homes at a fair cost. Leading banks and credit agencies are often prepared to grant credit to larger houses or ventures constructed by immobilised firms. This is a real advantage for home buyers consuming 3 BHK apartments with a budget of 2 BHK apartments in a prestigeous gated community.


When you first buy a 3 BHK apartment, it’s always nice as your home address is connected to any document you have and this represents your style of living. Improved budgetary and legal processes into a 3 BHK in later phases may not have been a feasible alternative.

You might also need to visit government offices on many occasions to upgrade your house. Therefore, in the initial stages it is often prudent to buy the 3 BHK apartments in a reputed gated community.

In addition, 3 BHK apartments have a higher resale value and can be renovated easily as one wishes.

Reasons for 3 BHK Apartments Instead of 2 BHK Apartments:

Abundant space: 

Everyone strives to remain in large homes or apartments. If you have a constant number of visitors and your relatives and extended family visit your house, it is always easier to have extra rooms in a 3 BHK Flat apartments.

Apart from the purpose of a guest bedroom, there will definitely be an additional space to help you make a home office or perform activities that will make you fun and inspired.


People commonly assume that 3 BHK apartments are more expensive than 2 BHK homes and that pricing data for three BHK flats are incorrect. A 3-BHK flat is actually just 20-30% higher than the cost of a 2-BHK flat. Since the price difference is marginal, buying 3 BHK flats is a good idea.

Space Factor: 

Everybody wants to live in a spacious house. If it looks spacious in aesthetic terms, this is helpful to you. The extra bedroom helps us to fit your friends and visitors always.

It is also helpful to set up your office at home. In addition, the majority of 3 BHK Flats for Sale in Hyderabad Gachibowli have an elegant lift, which gives the apartments more value.

You should not only look at your current needs, you should also predict your future needs when investing money in any apartment or land or any other form of housing property like gated communities, open plots, agricultural lands.