Learn Test and Tag Basics: Brisbane 101 Guide

Brisbane 101

All of us know that electricity is a powerful and dangerous element. The improper use of electrical equipment can cause great damage to your property, sometimes the loss of your loved ones. Hence, you have to ensure that all electronic products that you use in your house are safe to be used. It is normally suggested that regular inspection and checking of all electrical gadgets should be done on a periodical basis.

There are strict laws all over the world to ensure this is been followed by everyone. Thus, we need to test and tag our electrical equipment as it ensures our safety. What basically is done is that

a professional is required to inspect the electrical device which is in use and tag the information about what was found out after the inspection. For the full scope, see www.electricaltesting.com.au/test-and-tag-brisbane/. People refer to it in many ways test tag, test and tag, and electrical tagging. It helps you understand the intent of damage and if there are any electrical faults in the equipment.

Test and Tag Requirements

When it comes to testing and tagging different electronic appliances and machines, there are several requirements that need to be followed. Some of the primary requirements are discussed below.

Visual Inspection

First of all, a detailed visual inspection is carried out in order to check for any possible damages to an appliance or machine.

Testing Electrically

Once the visual inspection is done, the second step involves testing the appliances and machines electrically. This is carried out with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester.

Recording the Observation

Once both the visual and electrical inspections are done successfully, the testing technician will create a thorough report of the observation. A copy of this report will be submitted to the owner of the business. It is mandatory for businesses to keep such records with themselves.


Once the report is prepared, all the electrical appliances and machines will be tagged. These tags need to be durable, non-metallic, and non-reusable. It is also important for the tags to have the name of the company that conducted the testing procedure and the date the test was carried out.

After an appliance passes the testing process, it is important for the tag to state the next due date for the test. If the appliance fails the test by any chance, the tag needs to bear a warning stating that the appliance or machine is not safe for use. It is also the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that the defective appliance is disposed of in the proper manner.

It is usually seen that people consider experts to be the right people to test and tag electrical appliances and machines. However, it is true that electricians can also carry out such tests with their devices or with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester. There will be several companies that will provide appliance testing services. You need to choose the best with the most experience and with the highest positive reviews from past clients.