Sub Zero Best Luxury Undercounter Wine Storage/Cooler

Designers and builders of solutions for the growing, serving and display of wine, for over 67+ years, Subzero has been making a product to fulfill all of your desires. Our models of wine cupboards, storage systems, vault conditioners area unit manufactured with terrible intelligence. Our product supports strict testing and square measure all bound to store your wine within the absolute best conditions. “300,000 customers throughout the globe, 30,000,000 bottles stored, the best wines protected, extremely regarded by several sommeliers, discoverer of the wine cupboard in 1943, the sole name you wish to recollect for your wine storage desires….Subzero.”

Once it’s firmly closed during a bottle, wine should be preserved from its greatest opponent, the oxygen within the air. If, however, the faucet dries out ANd eventually shrinks in order that it does not act as an airtight seal, it’s going to begin to permit element into the wine and spoil it. For this reason, wine bottles have historically been kept on their sides, in order that the wine keeps the cork completely damp and swollen to fill the bottleneck. Screw Capped bottles are kept at any angle.

Using professional storage you can store your Wine

Much the simplest possibility in some ways that, particularly if you have got an outsized amount of young wine, is to possess it to keep by professionals, either below the auspices of the merchant(s) you purchased it from or directly with one in every one of the specialists in wine deposition. this may price the maximum amount as a bottle of village burgundy annually per ‘case’ (the normal box containing a dozen bottles) and will make sure that the wine is kept in ideal conditions, however, it rules out the spontaneity of choosing bottles at random from your wine assortment. a number of these conjointly supply recommendation on once to drink your wines. For a lot of info on storage suppliers, See where you can store. 

It follows from all of the higher than that the best place for wine storage may be a nice, dark, roomy, slightly wet cellar with one discreet entrance to that solely you have got the key. it’s lined with wine racks however has plenty of areas to run around and to stack wine in its original cases, still as a very little tasting corner and an outsized table for keeping cellar records up to this point.

Different models for Wine Storage


Temperature, humidity, light, vibration – of these things will damage the flavor of your favorite Chablis or red wine. however ICBBW-30 inbuilt wine preservation blends superior-grade materials, advanced technologies and a 70-year tradition of yank skill to defeat the enemies of wine. It incorporates our latest options, to safeguard your investment and increase your enjoyment of each glass, and has out there accessories that enhance your wine expertise even more.

ICBUW-24FS freestanding WINE STORAGE

The ICBUW-24FS/S has two separately controlled storage zones, thus you’ll be able to store and serve each red and whites at the right temperature. Racks glide swimmingly in and out, providing access while not agitated wine. UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass prevents lightweight exposure. twin evaporators maintain constant, moderate humidness. And bright red lighting makes it simple to seek out the proper bottle. With six racks and a 46-bottle capability, the ICBUW-24FS/S is that the ideal compact preservation for any oenophile.


Our most compact inbuilt wine storage unit ICB424G is meant to suit utterly below cupboards and work surfaces and stores up to forty-six bottles. The quiet mechanical device lets wines rest undisturbed, while not the vibration that may hurt delicate wines. Shelves glide out swimmingly, providing access while not agitation. The result? good condition and ideal wine.

There is sizable variation within the amounts charged by completely different merchants and skilled warehouse operations. Merchants generally quote lower rates than the professionals, presumptively in a trial to lure customers to buy wine through them – or maybe as a result of they do not understand quite still because of the professionals specifically what’s careful in providing this service.
Easily produce a wine storage area with beech folding racks, store your bottles directly in their cases, assemble steel modules in endless {ways|ways that|ways in which} or produce a personalized wine storage unit in solid oak – Sub Zero wine storage systems for natural cellars supply a comprehensive vary of materials and functions leading to storage which is sort of custom-made  and fully suited to the layout of your cellar.