Sales Booster Restaurant Trends You Need To Adopt In 2019

We have to move forward and adopt new ways to keep our business growing and flourishing with the change in times. Adopting new changes not only boosts your restaurant business’s growth, but it also keeps the excitement alive in your restaurant staff as well your guests.

“Progress is impossible without change.”

-George Bernard Shaw

With the new year almost here, you can check out to few restaurant trends which will become a must-have in 2019.

  1. Online Food Orders

The convenience of getting the food delivered at the doorsteps and speed-driven millennials have made online food ordering very popular. More and number of people are now opting for online food deliveries instead of dining out.

Online orders are also great news for the restaurant owners. People likely do spend more while ordering online. It also leaves your tables available for your in-house guests.

Restaurants have their own online food ordering system on their restaurant’s website and also join the multiple food ordering channels to gain more orders and higher revenues.

  1. Mobile Payments

Mobile phones have become the go-to choice for everything from communication to entertainment. We carry out many of our daily operations by using mobile phones like paying our bills.

About only 22% restaurant accept mobile payments while up to 58% of people prefer to use mobile payments. Restaurants need to bridge the gap as soon as possible.

  1. Food Waste Management

We know that up to 5% of the restaurant inventory goes wasted.

Many restaurants have now taken measures to tackle this issue. Almost all the parts of the vegetables can be used in preparing side dishes or salads like leaves or stems of certain vegetables which are usually thrown away. This prevents wastage as well as helps in making optimal use of the restaurant inventory.

The food or biowaste which cannot be used can used for making compost. The restaurant produces a lot of bio-waste which can be well utilized in form of compost. A group of restaurants can even pool up and utilize their collective waste to generate biogas which can be used as a fuel.

This contributes to a green planet as well helps restaurants to cut down costs in the long run.

  1. Going Local

If you are not sourcing your raw materials from the local places then you should do that now. It cuts down transportation costs. You can get refills quickly so you don’t have to buy a lot at once, which brings down spoilage of perishable goods.

Most importantly, local sourcing allows you to support your local community, the people, their business and their dreams. Because in the end, every business is about supporting people and their dreams, isn’t it?

There’s an emerging trend of hyper-local sourcing your restaurant where you grow your own raw material like vegetables and fruits. This gives you a complete control over the supply of the vegetables and fruit. It also pleases many guests to know that you grow your own material. It could become your special selling point. Try it to see if it works for you.

If you have adopted hyper-local sourcing, mention it on your restaurant website and share it on social media.  Your guests will surely appreciate if the ingredients have come from the restaurant’s backyard. As many people are moving towards healthy and organic food, hyper-local sourcing gives you additional brownie points.

  1. Restaurant Technology

Up to 73% of customers are of the opinion that restaurant technology makes their guest experience better.

It’s high time restaurant owners make technology an integral part of their business. Cloud-based Restaurant POS and Online Food Ordering System are inevitable necessities now. Digital RestaurantMenu are becoming the norm and having a technology-powered Kitchen is also no longer an option. They are a must.

Hand-held tabletop devices are also making way in the restaurants. They can be used for multiple tasks like ordering, making payments and taking feedbacks and reviews

  1. Transparency

With the significant rise in vegetarianism, which further cuts down to vegans, being open and clear about the ingredients which go into making your special dishes is a must.

It is also important from your guests’ health point of you. You never know which of your guests are allergic to peanuts, or is lactose intolerant. Being open about your ingredients saves you and your guests from unnecessary trouble and builds trust and fosters loyalty.

Even here, if you have adopted hyper-local sourcing, mention it. Your guests will surely appreciate if the ingredients have come from the restaurant’s backyard. As many people are moving towards healthy and organic food, hyper-local sourcing gives you additional brownie points.

There are also a few other restaurant trends to try which will bring in many people out to dine with you. Tea bars are bringing in a lot of business and fermented foods are doing the same. They are sure worth a try. Hope these trends make way for a successful business year for your restaurant!