Best Guide With Tips to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy


While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, it’s also a time of aches, pains, and bodily discomforts. As your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, carrying a growing baby in the womb becomes quite challenging, especially when you don’t know how to deal with those intolerable pregnancy pains and irritations. Luckily, there are a few ways you can stay healthy and pain-free during pregnancy. We’ve put them together here for you. Just follow them and enjoy a comfortable pregnancy!

Wear Maternity Clothes

Instead of wearing tight and restrictive clothing, opt for loose and comfortable maternity wears like maternity tops, scarves, ponchos, cardigans, leggings, bras, and coats. Designed specifically to accommodate your growing belly, maternity wears make you feel comfortable and look fashionable during pregnancy.

Gather Some Pregnancy Pillows:

As the pregnancy presses on, most of the women start facing difficulties getting enough deep, uninterrupted sleep. If that’s the case with you, consider investing in a high-quality prenatal body pillow. Also known as a maternity pillow, this C-shaped pillow keeps you from various sleep problems like insomnia, the strain of back and hips, and cramps on legs.

Stay Physically Active:

Gone are the days when doctors used to suggest total bed rest for a pregnant woman. Nowadays, most of the doctors recommend moderate exercise as it minimizes the risk of excessive weight gain in pregnant women along with preparing their body to withstand the stress of delivery. If you don’t believe in exercise, try to stay at least as physically active as you can.

Receive a Prenatal Massage:

If you’re suffering from pregnancy aches and pains, getting a good massage from your partner or close friend would prove extremely beneficial to you. However, this can be a little tricky if you don’t have a massage table. If that’s the case, you can approach an expert massage therapist to give you a prenatal massage, which is geared toward pregnant women.

Eat Frequently:

Eating frequently is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your unborn baby during pregnancy. Instead of taking three large meals, try to eat five to six smaller meals throughout the day. This will not only keep digestive discomfort at bay but also will ease the feelings of morning sickness during pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink enough fluids to stay well hydrated! This is crucial because you burn an insane amount of energy and resources to fulfill the demands of your changing body. As a general rule, you should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day during pregnant. If you don’t do so, you can be a victim of various pregnancy complications such as headaches, nausea, and even miscarriage.

Go for a Swim:

If possible, go for a swim as often as you can. Swimming is a great way to strengthen your strained shoulder and abdominal muscles, decrease your overall blood pressure, alleviate swelling, and most importantly, feel weightless when you’re pregnant. In fact, it is a form of cardio exercise that increases your blood circulation and keeps you fit while growing a baby.

Elevate Your Feet:

Swollen Feet and Ankles is a common problem that most of the women suffer from during pregnancy, especially toward the end of the third trimester. The best way to deal with this problem is to rest your feet on an elevated support as often as possible. The more time you spend on keeping the feet elevated, the more comfortable your feet will be. Also, avoid wearing high heels!