Start Business To Earn Potential Money With These Handicrafts

Earn Potential Money With These Handicrafts

If you have a crafty mind, creative and artistic skills then why not make it your own business. The little hobby that you had in the past can be the strongest talent and skill today. In terms of investment, the handicraft Business is one of the cheapest forms of home-based businesses. You can run these businesses both online and offline. But with the introduction to the Digital world, every year a huge number of artisans and crafters are emerging as active sellers. Explore Indian handicrafts online to have more ideas about them and start earning. In this post, we’ve mentioned a list to help you find your choice. 


Embroidery is like writing a story on a cloth. If you have this skill then you can convert any piece of cloth to a gorgeous beauty. Be it a handkerchief, a bedsheet, a child’s dress, or a normal Kurti you can make it adorable to your imagination.

Quilling and Paper Crafts

Women spend their free time making useful and creative handmade products. Quilling or paper filigree is a hobby for many these days but it can definitely be converted into a home business. 

Basket Weaving

Baskets are very much used for daily use purposes. With the increasing use of plastic baskets and their effect on the environment, people should shift their preferences to baskets made of bamboo, cane, or jute. And using these natural resources, weaving baskets is a good option for craft business ideas from home.

Woolen Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and Crocheting can create a variety of choices. Hand knitted products are loved by all. The unique knitted products range from sweaters, kids accessories, stuffed animals,. The opportunities are endless, all you need is knitting needles, some yarn, creativity, love for the art and you’re in business.


Painting is the magic of splashing colors with brushes in a certain way to create art. There are a number of types of paintings like Oil painting, Watercolor painting, Pastel painting, Acrylic painting, Spray Painting, Wall painting, Enamel paintings, Tempera paintings, and many more. Each one is different from the other as they use different techniques. But definitely, it’s not rocket science. There is so much demand for paintings. Painting is a great way to express art and also has great value for which people can pay.

Wall Murals

A very important part of the home decor is to decorate the wall. There is a wide range of wall arts that you can choose to learn according to your preferences. India is rich in traditional and adorable paintings. You can create wall murals of different sizes and styles and sell.


Pottery is one of the soul fulfilled art. Handling clay on the potter’s wheel and converting it into a surprisingly amazing variety of useful things and decor. Where men and women of rural India are earning through pottery, the people from metro-cities are taking the art as a hobby and experiencing the simplicity of the art, the smell of the clay, creating their own ceramics, etc. 

Bead Craft and Jewellery Making

Jewelry is every woman’s ‘love at first sight’. A simple ornament piece can make a huge change in looks as well as the occasion. And if you are a little creative you can make money out of jewelry making. It is indeed one of the best craft business ideas from home.

Clay Miniatures

This is an art to convert anything into miniatures. And yes, It is a creative business from home. These miniatures can be made as clocks, fridge magnets, pen-drives, collectibles for a dollhouse, key chains, or even accessories like pendants, earrings, and many more.