What is the Most Preferred PTE Study Plan?

PTE Study Plan
PTE Study Plan

‘The higher the preparation hours, the better is the preparation and the score.’

All accomplishments need a plan. The same is true for the PTE Academic Test.

Clearing the PTE Exam with the desired PTE Score needs a well-thought-out PTE Study plan. Re-taking the PTE Exam is not favorable for many of you, so you should give your best shot to clear the exam in one go without having to spend money and time again.

To begin with, you must target a PTE Score according to the requirement of the institutions or the visa-type.

Get to know all about PTE

To begin your preparation, you must know everything about the PTE. Except for the fact that it’s a 3-hour long exam which awards you points from 10 to 90 on answering 73-80 questions, there is a lot to know. This 3-hour exam divided into 4 different section tests your:

1. Communicative skills through four different sections Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

2. Enabling Skills: Grammar, pronunciation, Oral Fluency, Vocabulary and spellings.

The question asked in a task in one section contributes to the score of another section, for example: Summarize Spoken Text from the Listening section contributes to the score of both the Listening and Writing.

This is known as integrated scoring.

Learning this about each task can help you prepare a better PTE Study plan.

(To know all about this read our blog where we have discussed all this in details).

Get the right PTE practice Materials

Random practice materials may appear in front of you if you search randomly for the practice materials. After you have understood all about the PTE Exam, you should now start looking for authentic practice materials. Find a platform that provides you with a lot of practice questions prepared by the experts that introduce you to the exam-type questions.

The experts at such platforms should also give you the tips & tricks for all the 20 tasks and provide you with the correction service for timely analysis. You should find sample tests, scored and unscored tests for practice. The PTE mock tests will prove helpful after a few days of preparation.

Time allotment:

Once you have your targeted PTE Score in front of you, it is the time to decide on the time that you have to devote to each section. Deciding the amount of time you have to spend on a section depends on your awareness about your current level of skills.

The best-suggested way is to divide your skills into 3 parts:

  • Your Strong areas,
  • Areas that need polishing and
  • The areas in which you face difficulty.

Making this division cannot happen until you know about yourselves or until you take the PTE mock test. And if you have taken the PTE Test earlier than it becomes a cake-walk to identify your weak areas. You must spend at least 3 hours every day practising the questions from the practice materials.

‘One who puts in extra efforts scores more than the others’ – PTE Expert.

Going the extra mile

Being a bookworm and sticking only to the conventional practice methods with the practice materials will not help you achieve your desired PTE Score. You need to walk that extra-mile; practice every day with the out-of-the-box ideas such as:

  • You can listen to the radio or tv shows and practice transcribing them.
  • You can also watch different shows in different accents to become familiar with them.
  • Watching a movie first with the subtitles and then without subtitles proves to be helpful.
  • Practice speaking and recording your answer to improve your Oral Fluency and Pronunciations.
  • Get used to all the PTE Exam pieces of equipment. Practice placing the mic at the right position, get used to the headphones to perfect the voice-clarity.
  • Get used to making notes and skimming through the text it helps a lot.
  • Learn the tips that can help you save time.


Practice, practice and practice.

The only thing that can help you prepare well for the PTE Exam is being strict with yourself and sticking to the preparation plan. Time is of course in short supply, since you are already juggling academic/professional commitments, in addition to preparing for the PTE. So disciplined practice is of paramount importance.

Takeaway points 

  1. Practice 3 hours every day without skipping any day.
  2. Devote an additional hour to learn extra with out of the box ideas.
  3. Take the mock tests, scored and unscored tests to test your preparations.
  4. Wherever you get stuck, don’t hesitate to take professional guidance.
  5. Learn from additional platforms like YouTube, Blogs, and Telegram community.
  6. Believe in yourself and be ready to face the test day.

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