Starpro MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves for the Heavy Bag Training

Starpro MMA Gloves

Premium quality boxing / MMA gloves are the first thing you need to start your combat and cross-fitness training. These gloves are necessary for protection of your hands. At the same time, for combat, these gloves act as your assisting weapons and improve performance.

Boxing VS MMA Gloves – The Difference

Even in the first look, boxing gloves are bulky than MMA gloves. This directly leads us to the fact that boxing gloves, in general have more padding than MMA gloves. These gloves look more like mitts, have a larger hitting area and often come with additional wrist padding. MMA, on the other hand, involves grappling and kicking too. That is why Starpro MMA gloves usually have less padding than boxing gloves. These usually have open fingers and stiff padding.

Types of MMA Boxing Gloves

MMA uses the full body for defense as well as offense. Unlike boxing, where you can only use your arms for offense, MMA lets you kick and grab your opponent. These gloves are also called grappling gloves with open fingertips. These gloves have optimal foam or gel padding at the main hitting area. This keeps the knuckles and hands safe from bruising, bleeding and injuries. At the same time, the thumb loop attachment and open fingers allow for convenient grappling.

MMA gloves are of three main types:

  1. MMA Training Gloves/ MMA Bag Gloves
  2. MMA Sparring Gloves
  3. MMA Fight Gloves
  1. MMA Training Gloves/ Grappling Gloves

These are the MMA gloves for a heavy bag. MMA training gloves by Starpro are the ideal choice for MMA fighters. These gloves have individual finger loops with heavy padding at the knuckles and hitting area. The padding is usually a combination of foam and gel. Gel technology is impact dissipation. Therefore, these gloves efficiently reduce the impact of your hits on your hands. At the same time, their unique functional design lets you hit hard and fast to practice power punches as well as explosive strength. These gloves are the best MMA gloves for beginners.

  1. MMA Sparring Gloves

MMA sparring gloves have a little less padding than the MMA bag/training gloves to allow better finger movement. These gloves usually have foam padding to minimize the force of the hits on your hands as well as your opponent. The large, soft, yet dense foam padding protects you and your opponent from cuts and bleeding. At the same time, the open finger design have either finger loops or individual finger slots with padding. This allows easy grappling and holding onto your sparring partner.

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  1. MMA Fight Gloves

MMA fight gloves have usually have the least amount of padding. These gloves are crafted to assist your fights as a weapon. They will deliver your punches with full force. The minimal padding is there only to protect your hands from direct cuts and bleeds. The ergonomic design reduces the impact of solid punches on your hand. Moreover, these gloves come with long wrist coverage and wraparound straps to stabilize the wrist. This helps avoid sprains, dislocation and other wrist injuries.

Boxing Vs MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag

Heavy bag workouts are intense. Your hands are sure to suffer constant abuse while working up a punching bag. Therefore, you need the best protection, which comes from heavy padding in your gloves. Boxing bag gloves are ideal for heavy bag training if you are practicing for boxing or cross-fitness training. However, if you are an MMA athlete, use MMA training gloves. MMA requires you to wear open finger gloves. It only makes sense that you train with MMA grappling gloves. This will make you feel more comfortable in actual fights.

Why MMA Gloves Are Bad for Heavy Bag Training

The only reasons for not using MMA gloves for heavy bag training are

  1. You are not an MMA athlete
  2. You are just starting out with combat sports and the MMA gloves are too painful for you

Of course, if you are not an MMA athlete, you must only use gloves that are right for your specific training. A boxer must go with 16-oz or 18-oz boxing training gloves for the best results. Meanwhile, the kickboxing and Muay Thai athletes must use the respective gloves for these two sports.

The second excuse can only be that you are a beginner at combat, have not hit ever before. Moreover, wearing the 8-oz MMA gloves is too painful for you. In this case, start with boxing gloves; move on to lower weights, and finally MMA gloves, as you get comfortable with the sport.

Why MMA gloves Are Good for Heavy Bag Training

If you are an MMA athlete, using MMA gloves for your training is the best choice. The two main benefits of this are:

  1. It is realistic
  2. It conditions you for the real fights

As an MMA athlete, you will always use grappling gloves for you training, sparring as well as competition. It is only realistic that you use these for heavy bag work too. This way, wearing them for fights and sparring will feel more natural and comfortable.

Grappling gloves allow free finger movement and better hand movement. Using then for training conditions your body as well as mind for the actual fights. Starpro offers a complete range of MMA grappling and sparring gloves. These gloves ensure the safety as well as great performance.