Standing Desks-Top 7 Reasons why You should use a Height Adjustable Desk at your workplace or home

three men sitting on chair beside tables

The best way to improve your health and well being while at work is to get a height-adjustable desk Sitting for long hours at a desk is not beneficial for your health at the body. Sitting for longer duration continuously decreases the activity in our body and slows down the burning of fats and calories. This leads to heart disease which is the number one killer in today’s world. The key factors that cause heart diseases and stroke are no exercise, no physical activity, bad habits, and also leading a very stressful lifestyle. A Height adjustable desk allows us to sit as well as a stand while working. Alternating between sitting and standing while working improves physical activity and movement which in turn stimulates the metabolism of the body and burns more fat

Major Benefits of using a Height Adjustable Desk are as follows


 When we tend to sit at our desk the whole day our muscles especially our glutes and leg muscles become weak. Then when we want to stand we cannot stand for a long time and then are legs start to pain. Thus we must sit as well as a stand while working continuously. Muscles have very good muscle memory and if they are not continuously used then they will not grow and tire faster as well


Sitting for long periods of time results in all the blood and fluids collecting in your legs all the time. This leads to swollen ankles and varicose veins. To prevent this we must use a height-adjustable desk at work where we can continuously keep moving at the desk. Poor blood circulation leads to hair loss and also increase in blood pressure as well


When we are continuously sitting in one place all the blood tends to be collected around the body. At the same time when we use a height-adjustable table we tend to move more and our brain experiences less fatigue and tiredness. When there is an improvement in brain activity while standing our way of thinking gets much clearer and we are much more focused on our work


When we tend to stay seated in one place all the time without, much activity our muscles are also relaxed all the time. This leads to less strain on muscles and increases cholesterol and fat levels all the body. When we stand up at our desk we move more and become more active. In this way it also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Heart attacks are the number 1 killers today. It is necessary to be active throughout the day to prevent heart attacks


Staying seated all the time leads to uneven pressure on the spine in one part of the spine only. This leads to great strain on the back as well as the neck. This in turn could lead to severe problems in the future. Sit to stand desks are a great way to avoid such problems because they make sure that we stand up for some time at work. Standing only for at least 15 minutes per hour on a standup desk greatly reduces back and neck problems


 Using a standing desk greatly alters the mood levels of the person that is using it. Standing desk contribute to improving productivity because they elevate the mood and spirit of employees and have a positive impact on their overall well being


The height-adjustable computer table reduces the risk of unhealthy weight gain. We burn a lot more fat of our body while standing as compared to sitting all the time. This burning of more fat in turn leads to weight loss because more calories are burnt while standing. The height-adjustable computer table, in turn, is a very beneficial tool for an individual


The argument for standing desks is always on and there are many people with varying views and opinions. Some are in favor while others are skeptical. But all in all the pros overweigh the cons by a huge margin. These desks are now easily available online across the world.