How Can You Keep A track Of Your Reckless Driver

track Of Your Reckless Driver

It is a well-known fact that one of the major causes of traffic accidents is the reckless driving. Studies in India indicate that more than 90 per cent of road accidents are due to a reckless manner of driving. Just though any person who knows how to drive will follow safe driving practices, making sure that their drivers drive safely is even more critical for fleet owners. The primary concern on board is the safety of the cargo and its own. In this post, we ‘re telling you 4 best ways to prevent a reckless driving of your fleet.

How can one avoid reckless driving?

Here are four ways you can introduce your car as a fleet owner to stop the reckless driving.

1. Involve your drivers in a training program:

In order to educate them about unsafe driving and how to stop it, it is important that your drivers have regular training programs. They will have to be made aware of the laws and regulations on the roads so they can follow them. Furthermore, drivers need to be given comprehensive psychological instruction such as not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and staying away from road rage, which is one of the major causes of road accidents. They need to be taught the importance of time management, not wasting idling time so they don’t need to rush to end up delivering the consignment.

2. Use a fleet management system:

Using technology assistance would help address the reckless driving issue with ease. A fleet management software offers you detailed insights into how your driver handles the vehicle on the track. If your driver crosses the acceptable speed limit, or is idling, you will receive instant warnings. You may then also contact the driver to inform them whether they break a traffic rule. Implementing a driver management system will boost consistency of your crew within your fleet management program and make them more receptive to healthy driving practices.

3. Evaluate driver efficiency periodically:

It’s not enough to keep a close eye on how the driver is driving on the road. You will need to carry out regular performance checks to find areas where your drivers are in short supply and to help them as needed. In fact, you will see the improvements the drivers have made from the past and determine which workers require more training or guidance.

4. Appropriate schedule of trips:

It is important that you use automated fleet scheduling as a fleet owner or as a fleet manager. You will avoid drivers from driving in fear and becoming victims of accidents with a clear schedule taking into account the drivers’ quick delivery and rest time. Additionally, a well charted delivery schedule will keep a check on the drivers driving recklessly, simply to deliver on time.

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