Top 5 Simple and Effective Exercises To Do at Work Desk

Most people nowadays are busy with their work schedules and they cannot concentrate on their body fitness. They might be spending much time to check bulk emails or may be spending time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because of thinking you might miss something. Many of us work long hours a day at a work desk for completion of targets.

We all have a problem of just focusing on work if we do not get up and move around. We always like the idea of exercises that we can do at work place. It is a great thing to do for your body and mind

Effective Exercises

Here some simple exercises which you can do at your desk

1. Walking

Many articles you might have found exercise at work include walking which is for a good reason. Schedule 10 to 15 minutes a day just for a walk. If it is nice outside, go and get some fresh air. There is no learning twist or equipment to invest in when it comes to walking. A few hours after lunch we start to work that does not helps much productivity. A quick and effective solution is to go for a short walk.

2. Take the stairs instead of elevators

Climbing stairs helps you to burn more calories every minute as compared to jogging. This activity makes your leg muscles strong and makes it rather strenuous. Stair climbing delivers benefits by improving our cardiovascular fitness.

It is also an exercise to our bones and muscles by improving strength, bone density and muscle tone. It is extremely time efficient, saving us time rather than eating into it. Taking stairs is as a more powerful form of walking. Both are good for you but taking stairs requires you to pull weight against gravity, its health benefits collect much more rapidly.

3. Neck Exercises

Unless the doctor has suggested you to rest or limit neck movements, the neck performs best when you stay active every day. When the body is busy with office work you can try some neck exercise which feels active. Sit comfortably, shoulder relaxed. Take your ears down towards your right shoulder, relaxing the neck as much as possible. Feel the stretch in the opposite direction. Hold for about 30 seconds and release. Repeat the other side.

4. Maintain the posture

Many do not pay much attention to the posture, but if parts of our body such as neck, shoulder starts paining you may find out the posture is out of the strike. Make yourself to sit in the best Posture and it is just a way someone stands or sits. Try to maintain the back straight throughout the day.

5. Stretching

Stretching reduces extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion. It increases blood flow to your muscle groups. Increase in blood flow also increases the temperature of muscles to improve their elasticity. More elasticity and blood flow can help you feel prepared, awake and ready to work. This is not must be doing exercise because in office we might feel awkward. So if you have time during lunch breaks you can do it in a small park or lawn.

These are some activities which might be helpful.