Find Top 6 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Buying a good perfume is never enough. You have to wear it appropriately in order to bring out its true essence. If any mistake is committed while wearing the scent, it can affect the overall fragrance experience. The results will not be same as you have expected and the scent may also be altered. If the perfume experts are to be believed, one can only get the best-desired results out of a fragrance when he or she wears it like a tailored and well-fitted outfit, custom made to fit only your body.

Often people choose a perfume just by smelling in on someone else. When they apply it, the fragrance never smells the same. It is because probably that person chose it according to his personality and to match his pheromones. If you also want to get the best of your fragrance while making it last longer, these secrets of perfumery might come in handy,

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. Choose What Suits You, Not Others

Take it as a basic rule of wearing perfume. Never buy a fragrance solely on the basis of it smelling amazing on the other person. Every fragrance smells different on different people. If it was smelling amazing on your friend, does not mean that it will smell the same on you. Try a fragrance on your skin before buying it. To make it convenient, try to get international brands perfume testers and use them on your body in different condition to know the fragrance better. It is always best to date the perfume before you marry them.

2. Avoid Mixing Two Groups of Scents:

Every cosmetic product has a fragrance of a kind. From body cream to your deodorant, everything has a scent of their own. Although individually they might not seem weird when combined together, all of these can create a weird concoction of fragrances, which will make you smell like a chemical factory. While using a perfume, one should avoid over mixing of different scents. Try to use products, which have a similar smell.

Using a deodorant and perfume from the same brand and variant will not only help in enhancing the notes but will increase the life of the scent as well. With Perfumes, you can get fragrance and deodorant of the same variant. Some people are habitual of mixing two or three perfumes together to have the desired scent. You can do it too, by keeping an eye on the groups of scents.

3. Use The Right Scent for the Right Time:

Every fragrance has a time limit, what you are wearing during the day might not work during the evening hours and vice a versa. Light elegant smells are great for the daytime and during the night hours, go with the stronger scents. Similarly, you should use fragrances according to the season as well.

Perfume molecules travel with the heat, so the time of the day and the season plays an essential role in its longevity. Light perfumes will travel faster with heat so are easily recognizable during summer months or daytime. While for the colder months and night, you need something strong which can spread around with minimal heat.

4. Always Apply on Skin:

To apply perfume to the skin or clothes, this is an eternal question for many of the perfume lovers. If you do not like to see stains on your clothes, better stick with applying perfume on your skin. Moreover, perfume experts never favour praying perfume on clothes since your clothes can retain the scent for a very long time.

Fabrics like cotton, wool, linen and fur can retain it for months, if not washed or cleaned. Also, it can ruin delicate fabrics like silk leaving yellow marks all over. Perfume for men and women have clear liquid, but it is wise to avoid spraying on fabric.

5. Don’t Rub After Applying:

This is one of the most common mistake people do after applying a perfume. Never rub the perfume after applying it. This can damage the perfume molecules, affecting its scent and longevity eventually. What you need to do is let it dry naturally to keep the molecules intact. In case a perfume is taking too much time to dry, you can tap with your finger and spread around, instead of rubbing it.

6. Spray on Your Pulse Points

You might have heard this several times. Pulse points are the right places to apply perfume for making it last longer. Once applied on these points, the perfume evaporates at an equal rate thoroughly giving you an ultimate sillage. You can apply perfume on your neck, behind the ear, underarms, behind the elbow, on your wrist, behind the knee, on the chest, on the stomach and so on. Apart from all these zones, you should also apply perfume on your hair as well. Spray the perfume on the brush and comb your hair with it.

These tips will give you an amazing fragrance experience like never before. All these tips are approved by the perfume experts and are tried & tested over time. Just follow them correctly and you will be amazed at the results.