Reasons That Might Lead To Your Visa Rejections

Many a time, a visa application might get rejected, and the person may not know the reasons why it got rejected. Knowingly or unknowingly, they follow the same procedure next time they apply for a visa and might get denied again. The rejection rate is as much as the acceptance rate for permits.

There are some basic yet major reasons due to which a visa application might have got rejected. If you are going to apply for a visa and Immigrate to New Zealand, here are some mistakes that you should avoid doing to get your visa approved in the first attempt.

Not Following The Visa Rules

Each country has different rules and regulations for getting a visa for their particular country. The rules are laid for a reason, and a person applying for a visa is required to be in strict compliance with them. Consulates reject applications if they see that the applicant is not following the rules. Additionally, even if they accept, they may ask for extra documents or deny the visa altogether.

Showing Return Or Onward Travel By A Non-Air Modes Of Transport

The chances of visa getting rejected are very high if you are taking a route that does not include a flight. In other words, if you are going or returning by road or sea, your visa is sure to get rejected. This is because visa offices cannot verify bus, boat, or train tickets.

Producing An Incomplete Itinerary

The New Zealand Immigration Delhi would require to see a complete itinerary, that is from the start to the end of your visit to the country. For example, a complete itinerary is like home-destination-home. If you are taking a multi-country trip, then make sure to include the tickets of that country as well.

Showing A Lengthy Itinerary

It is best to show a short and crisp itinerary. If you show a lengthy one, a lot of questions might be raised. Further, you may be asked to show a no objection letter, leave approval, proof of additional funds in your bank, and so on. However, all the visas are approved as per the guidelines, but it is best to show a short itinerary to avoid extra questions and documentation.

Mentioning About Aquaintances Or Close Ones In The Country

Avoid mentioning about people you know or family members that are residing in the country. If you mention, the consulates might ask about the relation between the two of you, their proof of residence, employment, and other such details.

Booking Non-Refundable Tickets Or Hotels

There is a chance that booking non-refundable tickets have an impact on your visa. It is best not to book a non-refundable one before your visa gets approved.

Involvement In Illegal Or Criminal Activities

If you have a record of any criminal activity, the chances of visa getting rejected are high. If not, avoid getting yourself into illegal activities as you might be subjected to being deployed or permanently banned from the country.

Applying For Visa Through A Travel Agent

Although travel agents help you complete things easily, there are many who haven’t actually applied a visa for themselves. Hence, it is best to get information from a friend or family who had applied for a visa before and traveled to the country.

Getting A Sponsor To Apply For Your Visa

The success rate of your visa getting approved depends entirely on the sponsor. Some of the major factors of the sponsor such as their employment status, legal status, prior visa rejections, and so on are taken into consideration by the officials.

Some other mistakes to avoid are to never mention about volunteering, digital nomad, remote work, etc. also, never mention about backpacking, hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, budget traveling and so on.