Top 5 Programming Languages Required For Cybersecurity

Programming Languages

With the constantly increasing cybercrime, the demand for professionals in cybersecurity is high. But being a cybersecurity specialist is not an easy career path to choose. The skills that it require is quite high and very technical. 

From being aware of the latest technologies in the field of cybersecurity, the knowledge of certain programming languages is very important. 

Areas Where Coding Is Needed In Cybersecurity

If you go to any moderate or high-level cybersecurity firms, then you would see they are focusing on software engineering. It is no surprise that this job profile requires a high level of knowledge of certain programming languages. 

The 5 Best Cyber Security Programming Languages Are

If you are planning to get into the cyber security job profile, then you need to master these programming languages. 

1. C and C++

C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. Developed by Dennis Ritchie, used for software development like operating systems, compilers and the database. 

It is a great language to start as a beginner in programming languages. It is also like a stepping stone toward other languages such as Python and Javascript. 

C++ is an extension of C created by Bjarne Stroustrup. This was developed for the purposes of operating systems, games, and browsers. It operates in different ways of programming, like, as functional, object-oriented, and procedural. 

  • C is a low-level yet fast-learning programming language for beginners. 
  • C++ helps the hacker to write faster and provides efficient hacking.

2. Python

Python is a very general use language. It is subject-oriented and has high-level programme coding. Python includes a higher level of data structure, with dynamic typing and binding. Using Selenium with Python further enhances the coding language. All these features make Python the best in-demand programming language. 

Python is the go-to language for hackers, But why so,

  • As it suits best on the web server. 
  • Easy to write automated scripts.
  • Doesn’t need compilation to run.

What makes Python suitable for Cybersecurit? let’s find out. 

  • This has a short learning period. Being easier to learn, it is highly used in cyber security. 
  • It is useful for multiple tasks, like discovering the host, port and network scanning and accessing the server. 

3. JavaScript

This is one of the most popular and widespread programming languages. It is known as the number one coding language on the web. The popularity of certain frameworks like jQuery, React JS and Angular, popularized JavaScript even more. 

Why is JavaScript used in hacking? let’s find out,

  • JavaScript is widely used to develop a cross-site hacking program. 
  • It has the capability to mimic the attacks on both the server-side and client-side. 
  • It is popular among hackers to attack, such as buffer overflow and stack overflow. 

Why JavaScript is used for Cybersecurity? let’s see. 

  • It helps in designing a secured website along with a user interface. 
  • Enables you to work with cookies, even manipulates event handlers, and cross-scripting is possible. 

4. PHP

PHP is entirely a server-side coding language. It is used to develop websites. PHP powers about 80% of the top 10 million websites. This is known to be the most dominant programming language of all on the web.

Why do hackers use it? Let’s find out,

  • PHP is used primarily for personal hacking. 
  • It takes down any faulty website, as soon as you identify them. 

Why it is useful for cybersecurity? let’s find out. 

  • It boost your cyber security performance and secures your web applications.
  • The PHP and cybersecurity integration mitigates frequent cyberattacks. 

5. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is a very domain-specific programming language. It is used to manage the data that is stored in the databases. This is highly popular for managing the database. 

Nowadays, hackers are more likely to attack the database in order to steal or modify the stored data. Without you noticing, hackers use SQL injection to extract any sensitive stored data. These can be bank records, passwords or even social security numbers. 

Why do hackers use SQL? let’s find out,

  • Most black hat hackers use it to develop certain hacking programs based on SQL injection. 
  • It is also used to run unauthorized queries and gain unhashed passwords.

Why is SQL used in cybersecurity? Let’s find out,

  • With the understanding of SQL, stopping SQL injection attacks and benefit the cybersecurity professional. 
  • Nowadays SQL injections are the top threat in terms of cyber crimes. So the knowledge of SQL will help defend against such attacks.


Knowledge of such programing language not only enhances your resume but makes you capable of any kind of IT job. Learning more and more programming languages will keep you ahead of the competition. 

If you are trying to get into the cyber security industry, then knowing such languages is always an advantage. Although the entry-level jobs don’t require any programming skills as such, knowing doesn’t hurt.