What Are The Available Types Of Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated Packaging

Now, as though you had a concept of corrugated packaging. Then based on their toughness, level of protection, and capability to support weight, we should go more into the various corrugated box kinds utilized in multiple industrial sectors. Single-phase corrugated packaging, single-wall corrugated packaging, double-wall corrugated packaging, and triple-wall corrugated packaging are the four primary varieties of wholesale corrugated boxes. We’ll examine their distinctions and how they are used in various sectors.

Single-phase corrugated

A single flute and one or more than one sheet of liner board makes up this corrugated sheet. The liner board and flute are joined with adhesive. Single-phase corrugated is often provided in sheet rolls and is most frequently used to wrap products for cushioning and protection.

Single wall corrugated box

One sheet of corrugated material is sandwiched between two sheets of liner board using adhesive to create this corrugated box. There are several applications for this kind of corrugated box in the retail sector and as shipping boxes.

Double wall corrugated box

A two-layer corrugated media is adhered between three layers of liner board to create walled Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes. As a result, it makes the package more solid and allows for packing heavy or fragile goods. The shipment of electrical goods frequently makes use of this sort of corrugated box.

Tipple wall corrugated box

The most vital corrugated box type has a liner board that is four layers thick and three layers of corrugated material. Due to its longevity and better burst strength, triple wall corrugated packaging are primarily used to pack industrial items.

Various types of flutes used in corrugated box

What exactly does a flute in a corrugation mean? Several flute types are used in Printed Corrugated Packaging, but flute C is the most popular and is utilized in over 80% of corrugated packaging. Different kinds of flutes have been created for a variety of purposes.

Type A flute

Type A corrugated flute boxes have exceptional stacking strength, significant compression, and cushioning. These particular corrugated packaging have a thickness of 14 and 36 flutes per square foot.

Type B flute

The type B flute box has high flat crush and puncture resistance. As a result, it is a fantastic printing choice. This kind of flute is frequently used in displays and inside the packaging. It is 1/8 thick and contains 46 flutes per foot.

Type C flute

This flute is utilized in Wholesale Corrugated Boxes made for transportation, packaging food products, and protecting delicate objects like glass and furniture. It possesses crush resistance and compression characteristics.

Type E flute

Corrugated pizza boxes are an example of a type E corrugated box frequently used in packaging consumer items, displays, ballot boxes, and cooking products. Due to its fragile structure, the E-type flute box requires minimal storage room. It has more crush resistance and offers a better printing surface. It has 1/6-inch-thick flutes with 90 flutes per foot.

Type F flute

The F flute box is unusually thin and lightweight compared to other flutes. Because it is an excellent option for printing, it is utilized for packaging consumer products like jewelry, shoes, and other items. It is 1/32 thick and contains 124 flutes per foot. Make it exceptionally strong against crushing.

Styles of corrugated box

Several distinct corrugated box designs are utilized for various purposes. Let’s examine several corrugated box designs that are used for multiple purposes.

Regular slotted container(RSC)

The most typical kind of box is one like this. It includes four flaps that are used to close the box on both sides of the box.

Full overlap container(FOL)

Except for the outside flap set covering the whole box width, the box type is comparable to RSC. However, this particular corrugated box style is a better choice for things that require additional protection since it has an extra thickness on the top and bottom.

Half slotted type

Similar in structure to a conventional slotted corrugated box, but with an opening on one side. Consequently, it aids in enhancing product protection.

Telescope type

This box features a different top and bottom that fit on one another, adding thickness and security to all four sides. This style of box is used for delicate packaging goods.


Interior fittings such as interior liners, pads, separators, and dividers, whether they are part of the case design or re-sold separately. The number of panels displayed is random and may be changed as needed.

Slide type boxes

These wholesale corrugated boxes contain many liners and sleeves sliding into one another in different directions. This category also consists of external sieves for other circumstances.

Fold type & tray

Food items are frequently packaged in certain types of boxes. It mostly comes in two varieties. First, trays and self-locking tray boxes are glued. In addition, many more types of tray boxes can be customized, including slotted trays, trays with top flaps, display trays, and much more.

Besides this, the market is filled with various corrugated box varieties, which can apply to achieve different goals.

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