What are Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections and How These Work

Plasma-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a therapy that came into place in the 1970s. But today it has become popular following the current applications that span a wide range of specialties. The technique uses a high concentration of one’s blood in stimulating healing of the areas that have tissues that are damaged.

It is good to understand platelet and plasma. Know how together theory works in the healing process of the damaged tissues. The disk-shaped thrombocytes mostly known as platelets are blood cells. These circulate one’s body to help form clots and stop the bleeding process. The natural source when it comes to growth factors. Platelets have got the platelet cells sieved from the blood and re-injected in the affected areas.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Preparation for the PRP injections

In general speaking, there a few things to have in mind when preparing the PRP treatment  angeles injections. But, it can get put into the body in various ways. For instance, sometimes you need to numb the section where the injection will be applied using the lidocaine solution on your scalp. You will need to get early to the area of treatment for the application to take place.

For other instances, you will need anesthesia mixed with the PRP solution to reduce any kind of discomfort that you may undergo. Sometimes the doctor will inject or apply it during surgery. In such instances, to prepare this injection one needs to involve recommendations from the surgeon before getting to get the injection.

Side effects

Following the fact that the procedure entails injecting one’s body, there are serious side effects. The procedure has substances that directly come from your body to ease the injured tissues. This reduces the number of allergic reactions that may come up after injecting your body with other medications. But, some risks come from the PRP injection itself.

  • Infections
  • Injuries of the nerves
  • Pain at the treatment site
  • Damage of the tissue.

There is always the need for the patient to have a serious discussion concerning the side effect during the consultation. It is at this point when the patient makes a sound decision. If you are still going to have the procedure procured the doctor is bound to advise you on what to do to minimize all the risks.


First of all the doctor will draw blood from the body of the patient just like it is done in other ordinary times. The sample drawn is placed in a special place known as a centrifuge and here the blood separates into different layers. Within a few minutes upon doing that the PRP portions of the blood that has the platelets, cytokines, and other growth factors will be extracted into the syringe for an injection to the area of treatment.

The separation of the PRP hair treatment portion of blood has many platelets than the regular look content. It then gets injected directly into the damaged tissues. After that, it releases growth factors and stimulating cells that repair the entire area. If you want to make sure that the healing will take place to the exact placement in the tissue, it is advisable to use ultrasound imaging. The whole [process will take around half an hour to finish. The number of PRP injections depends on the condition or the personal desired results.

Recovery period

When injected into the body after an injury, the doctor will likely recommend that the affected areas need rest. But these recommendations are less related to PRP as many people go on with their daily activities after the injections. And since the PRP seeks to enhance healing t the injured area it is hard to see the difference after injections.

What is the purpose of PRP injections

There are various reasons for having to undergo PRP injections. This is because their different problems which it can solve including:

Hair loss

When a doctor injects the PRP into the patient’s scalp they aim to enhance the growth of the hair and preventing loss of the hair. The injection is effective to treat the androgenic alopecia which leads to making baldness.

Tendon injuries

These are thick,  tough tissues connecting the muscles to the patient’s bones. After this kind of injury, the section gets slow to heal. Doctors who have undergone this method to treat serious tendons that are born around the elbows, Achilles, and knees or any other sections.

Acute injuries

Doctors using this injection to treat acute injuries especially those that are got during sports when there are hamstring muscles or pains that may be felt on the knees.

Post-surgical repair

Sometimes doctors use this procedure in repairing the torn tendons and ligaments.

That is a clear depiction that are various situations under which you can have your problems solved.  It is an essential way such that all the issues above have been proven to get great outcome results after the injections.


PRP for hair loss has promising research behind all the bad stories. But most of the research done from various studies about the same will be hard to see the results.  sometimes however your blood may have less concentration of platelets to fully effective to restore the affected area