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Petty cash in QuickBooks

Petty Cash is the exceptional capabilities of Quickbooks Online. Petty coins are a small amount of cash that an enterprise has available to quickly buy various small expenses. If you are a new user in QuickBooks and you don’t recognize a way to install and use petty coins don’t fear I can provide an explanation for you. Here I come up with some guidelines on the way to set up and control petty coins in QuickBooks Online. If you need fast assist in this topic you have got an option to touch our QuickBooks Online Support team.

It’s now not continually sensible to pay for small purchases with a take a look at or credit card. When you buy something the usage of money from your petty cash or coins drawer, you can still file these fees in QuickBooks so that you can track spending and connect purchases to the right accounts. Once you set up the account of a petty coin, coming into receipts is fast and straightforward.

Understand What is Petty Cash easily:-

The petty coin is a part of QuickBooks Online and we can also say that it is used in QuickBooks online software. It is for the enterprise to quickly purchase diverse small expenses. The availability of petty coins is extra handy then authorizing and writing a test for small and frequently rare purchases that are usually under $25

There have Some Example uses of petty cash

  1. Stamps
  2. Food or snacks for a meeting or special occasion
  3. Making an alternate for clients if the number one source of trade is low

How to Set up a Petty cash account in QuickBooks:

Here I can explain to you that whilst you transfer cash from your financial institution account to Petty Cash, how to installation Petty Cash Account, you need to see it in this account.

  1. Navigate to Setting and select Chart of Accounts in your QuickBooks software.
  2. Then choose the New option button for going forward.
  3. From your different  Account Type choose option drop-down, then Select your Bank name.
  4. From the Detail Type drop-down, Select Cash available.
  5. Enter Petty Cash for the account name
  6. When you pass your cash from the checking account by writing a take a look at or shifting funds. If you already have the petty cash in your QuickBooks account to use for cash, enter the balance in the field and select the date.
  7. After that finally, select the Save and Close and done.

How to Use Petty cash:

Then the account became created. Now I will tell you a way to use a petty case but It’s time to position some cash into it. Here how to get started out and hold up with the entirety you do in petty coins

Put cash in :

  • Debit some coins from your account and put it in a locked coins box.
  • Then file the transaction in Quickbooks Online
  • If you wrote a check for cash select Create and then Check.
  • Then select the Petty Cash because of the payee.
  • If you took out the coins without a test: choose to Create after which Transfer.

Take cash out:

When you supply cash to an employee or use the cash amount yourself, record it with a slip of paper to find out who, when, and what money turned into used. It is like different methods to track the case you have withdrawn in different interval times. In QuickBooks, there’s a record of taking coins from Petty cash as an expense, with Petty cash as the charge account. At all times, the quantity of paper you’ve got left and the number of coins you have got should be added to the amount deposited in the box.


In this blog, I will provide an explanation for you the way to set up and use petty coins in QuickBooks. I desire my records is useful to you and useful in developing your business. If you want to get greater statistics approximately Petty Cash and also our Quickbooks support service so hook up with our Quickbooks Proadviser to dial our QuickBooks Customer Service Number.

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