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Adults nowadays, especially those in their 20’s, who just started their career and just received their first paycheck tend to think of their future like it’s all going to happen anytime soon. So, they put their first salary to good use and let it grow. They invest their money in different kinds of investments they know they can trust long-term.

On the other hand, investing does not apply to people but may also involve the company they work for. Building a company from scratch requires a lot of risk to take and investments. Putting your money somewhere it can grow and multiply somehow helps and disciplines each person who wants to use their money wisely.

Investment Banking

Since we’re on the topic of investments, there’s one type of it that relates to the creation of capital for governments, other entities, and government. We’re talking about Investment Banking. Investment banks’ sector of banking subsidizes recent debt and equity insurance for a variety of corporations, alleviate in the sale of insurance and support to expedite mergers and profits, restructuring and broker trades for both organization and private shareholders.

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Now that you have an idea of what investment banking is, let’s dive deeper into it by giving you a list of investment banks.


JP Morgan

In over 60 countries, JP Morgan, the world’s top investment banks, administers investment banking, security services, and treasury, private banking, asset management, commercial banking and alternative services of your choice. JP Morgan remains to be #1 in global investment banking rankings with a market share of over 8%, this was recognized as the Best Investment Bank in North America by Global Finance. The company achieved roughly $5.7 billion in investment banking firms during 2016.

Morgan Stanley

Headquartered in New York, Morgan Stanley still caters its products and services to individuals, enterprises, foundations and governments alike worldwide. They have all over Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, and other world financial centers. Morgan Stanley remains to be one of the best investment banks and was also recognized as the Best Equity Bank in North America, and the United States by Global Finance in 2016. 

To maintain its title as one of the top investment companies, Morgan Stanley works in not one but 3 business sectors, namely: Investment Management — which develops investment banking dividend mainly from the deployment of investments in real estate and merchant banking funds;  Wealth Management, and Institutional Securities. 

Credit Suisse

Known as one of the biggest investment banks with a high reputation for privacy and professionalism, Credit Suisse is the safest haven for Investors and Individuals who prefer concealment. The Swiss currency and some other currencies are prominent for providing prudence to investors when the U.S. dollar seems volatile. Swiss banks like Credit Suisse are known for their civility and confidentiality when administering the extensive financial agreement.

Starting way back 1856, Credit Suisse became a leader above all other Swiss banks. The firm itself has assets of over CHF 796 Billion which is tantamount to about $800 Billion USD. Credit Suisse has extensive U.S. presence, thanks to its merger with First Boston who’s relationship goes back to 1978.

Goldman Sachs

Distinguished as the Best M&A Bank in the world in 2016 by the Global Finance, Goldman Sachs prevails as one of the largest investment banks. The company also regulates investment which grants a variety of products and services to associations, financial establishments, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. Unlike Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs works in four business sectors, namely: Institutional Client Services, Investing & Lending, Institutional Client Services, and Investment Management.

With Goldman Sachs known as one of the top investment companies, they now have Investment banking fees of over $5 billion as of 2016. And the corporation’s market funding was over $103 billion as of March 20, 2018.


Venerated as the Most Innovative Investment Bank for equity-linked bonds, Barclays administers financial advice, finance boost, governments, financial organizations, and administration services to corporations around the world. Barclays investment banking fees amounted to $3.2 billion in 2016.

Bank Of America Merrill Lynch (BAML)

Despite being ranked 3rd in total investment banking fees, BAML was still known as the World’s Best Debt Bank by Global Finance and the Most Innovative Investment Bank for private placement by The Banker. BAML is one of the largest investment banks that leads to the contribution of securities trading and sales, investment banking services, wealth management, and corporate finance. BAML investment banking fees in 2016 amounted to $4.5 billion.

Other leading investment banking companies to invest in are Deutsche Bank which holds about €1.5 trillion in assets. And lastly, RBC Capital Markets which holds about CAD $1.3 trillion in assets. There are a lot of investment banks to invest in, it’s just a matter of researching thoroughly and getting to know each bank deeply before risking your hard earned money only to invest on the wrong one.

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Investing is always a risk but investing the right way will put you at ease. Learn more about investment banks & list of investment banks, and broaden your knowledge of investing.