How to Utilize your Custom Cookie Boxes for Branding?

Whether you have a cookie manufacturing business or own a bakery, product packaging is of vital importance for your brand promotion. Cookie box packagingplays a significant role in retaining the crunchiness and flavor of your product. In recent times, the packaging is being effectively utilized for promoting a brand. Cookie businesses can do the same; they have an added advantage to give customers purposeful packaging boxes. This way, their brand details would be visible to a wider target market and a customer would surely remember the business and come back for more. Here are a few tips to make the most of your cookie packaging for branding!

Explain your Product Idea on Cookie Boxes

Why would you want a customer to buy your cookies when he/she has dozens of other options available? Without explaining your unique selling points to a consumer, you can’t compel him/her to choose your brand. Use your cookie boxes to create brand affinity, tell your target audience why you are different and likable than the rest. It can be your product quality, your product flavors or anything else that you want to focus on. Make sure that you incorporate that distinctiveness into your packaging to earn customers’ loyalty.

Name your Products’ Uniquely   

Naming each of your cookie flavors uniquely would grab the attention of customers. Instead of using words like “Premium Chocolate Chip Cookies” think about creatively naming your products. Highlight those interesting names on your custom printed cookie boxes to make an impression. Adding pictorial details would further enhance the appeal of your product packaging. You can use a funky tagline and color theme to make your packaging even more compelling. Ask your graphics expert for creative artwork options and choose the one that really defines your brand and cookies.

Use Endorsement on your Cookie Box Packaging       

Endorsement from celebrities and other public figures always stir the interest of customers in a certain product. Based on the kind of cookies you are pitching, use the endorsement to your advantage. For instance, if you are selling sugar-free cookies, have a fitness enthusiast endorse your product. You can highlight that on your packaging to make your cookies worth checking out for the customers. Based on the psychographics of your target customers, you can choose a celeb who can say a line or two about your cookies. This would assist you in establishing your brand’s credibility.

Use Information or Humor on your Custom Cookie Boxes

You can make your brand stand out by making your packaging informational or humorous. By listing nutritional facts or humorous quotes on the packaging, you can captivate the attention of customers. However, make sure that the details you share on your cookie box are relevant. Finishing options can also make your product packaging impressionable. So while getting your cookie boxes customized, take a look at the available options to pick something delightful. You can also seek the assistance of your printer in suggesting you better preferences.

Product packaging is utilized for marketing upcoming items as well. If you are thinking about launching a new cookie flavor, you can promote it through your packaging. Change your packaging’s branding design at regular intervals to give customers something new to look forward to. Have your contact and social media details printed prominently on your cookie packaging to build your brand’s community.