How to Customize Cookie Packaging for Festive Occasions?

How to Customize Cookie Packaging for Festive Occasions?

Cookies, cakes, chocolates, and other delightful treats are popularly exchanged on festive occasions like Christmas, Easter and New Year’s. Cookies and other items are also purchased on special days like Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentine’s. For cookie makers, it is really important to have custom festive packaging for their products. This would not only make their brand and products stand out but will assist them in connecting with their customers.

As cookies are given as a gift on festivities, cookie boxes should have the layout of more like gift packaging. Having a best wishes message printed on the packaging would further make your boxes festive. If you plan on delivering cookies during holidays and on special days, the packaging should be customized accordingly. Here a few tips that will help you with better designing and printing your cookie box packaging on festive days.

Add Embellishing Accessories to Custom Cookie Boxes

The bulk of your cookies would be sent to friends and loved ones during Christmas and New Year’s. So have your box layout designed with a green and red color scheme for those times. You can have relevant artwork theme for other days and festivities. Having embellishing accessories attached to your custom printed cookie boxes would add a striking appeal to them. You can have “Merry Christmas” with a heart touching two liner message printed on your packaging as well. Get variations of packaging boxes designed with different greeting messages to make it easier for your customers to pick a box they like. If a customer asks for a card to be attached on the box, have it attached on top for handwritten messages.

Have Window Cookie Packaging Boxes

Having window boxes makes it easier for the customers to have a look at the product as they carry it. This would make your cookies an irresistible treat. If you plan on delivering cookies during the festive season, window packaging would enable your delivery staff to protect the cookies from getting crumbled. It is easier to ribbon up, attach cards and other decorative accessories to the window boxes. So in every way having windows for your custom cookie boxes would enable you to sell more and deliver safely.

Give a Sneak Peek of your Festive Products

Just like the exclusive packaging, you must have thought about giving your customers treat on Christmas by introducing new cookie flavors. You can use your packaging to highlight your new products and discount offers. This would make your custom printed cookie boxes more purposeful. These would effectively help you in boosting sales during the festive days. You can attach a discount coupon on your packaging box as well.

Woo your Customers through Cookie Packaging Boxes

Why not use your festive cookie packaging to woo your customers? Make them feel special through interactive best wishes messages. You can have a social media contest marketed through your festive packaging to surprise them with gifts and offers. Use the short and engaging text on your cookie boxes to promote your brand as a customer-focused business.

Always use superior quality materials and customizations for your festive packaging. Get your packaging printed ahead of an occasion to ensure you have a fair enough number of quality product boxes ready. Get your boxes’ artwork designed by a professional graphic designer.