9 Common Mistakes To Avoid As Android App Developer

Mistakes To Avoid As Android App Developer

A sales report revealed a statistic where it was found that the annual sales of Smartphones have increased by almost 1.56 billion units all around the world. Android operating system-based Smartphone closely-held 90.0% share of the world market.

A good mobile app has the ability to generate good sales and revenue. So it is very important to keep in account to avoid mistakes while developing an android app.  Good android app developments will provide a greater audience reach for maximum profit. Often it is found that silly mistakes in android app development have led to major losses in businesses.

There are some basic and common mistakes that are often made. If hese mistakes are avoided then the mobile app development will expand the business. It will increase the scope of profit earning. When you hire an Android app developer, you have to make sure that these common mistakes are not made by them.

 The common mistakes that you must avoid while building an android mobile app are as follows:

1. Building the Apps for multiple Platforms

One very common mistake that an android app development company makes is building apps for multiple platforms at one time. It is obvious that the developers want to make the most of the app by making its presence on various platforms. Technically this is not the proper decision. It is because the efforts and amount of money it takes to build up multiple platforms that are compatible with the android app.

At very first before developing you should do a thorough brainstorming. Then you should identify which will be the best platform for your android app development. So when developing an android app choose the appropriate platform firs. Then target the audience accordingly.

2. Using Fragments

Previously during android app development, it was normally suggested to deploy different activities for each screen. For this android app developers used to go through many problems and obstacles. Android app developers use various fragments to make each screen. Thus maintain single or few activities throughout the app to hold fragments. This feature is also known as Single Activity Architecture.

By following this framework in android app development it will reduce a notable number of interactions outside the app. Jetpack navigation component is the latest one which is primarily based on Single Activity Architecture. The API Fragments can also make businesses more straightforward.

3. Blocking main thread

One of the foremost common mistakes done by android app developers is obstructing the most thread. The main thread has just one purpose: Making the interface responsive.

Although the science behind calculating the precise frame rate is tough. There is a general rule that anything below 24 fps greater than 100 ms won’t be as smooth as it looks. This theory means the user’s action will have late feedback.Therefore the Android app you’ve created will stop functioning and responding.

Stripping the user from his control over the appliance can cause serious frustration, after which users give feedback .

Furthermore, if the foremost thread is blocked for quite 5 seconds for usual activities and 10 for broadcast receivers, then ANR will happen.

4. Go for Niche features in place of detail overloading

Android app developers often tend to integrate a plethora of features instead of that specialize in a couple of and gaining expertise on those chosen ones. However, actually, successful apps tend to possess fewer features, but they are performing well in those restricted and limited features. Furthermore, it’s always suggested that while going for android app development, you want to specialize in a few top-notch features instead of installing an enormous number of features that aren’t even needed and any important to the users. Having very limited and best-in-class features will help to uplift your business android app drastically.

5. Insufficient Testing

Usually, this error is taken into account as a really silly mistake and really common too. Testing your android app before releasing it’s very significant and worthy. With each passing day, thousands of apps are becoming released, making the competition much tougher. Well, you’ll hire dedicated app developers who will ensure proper development and proper testing of your android applications on a daily basis, on various platforms, versions, and devices.

6. Inadequate exposure to Android Studio’s Capabilities

Well, it doesn’t matter how strong and powerful a weapon is until and unless you find out how to use it correctly and properly. Android app developers are skilled in using powerful tools, for example, Android Studio, and offer more advanced apps for your start-ups, businesses, or entrepreneurs. You can hire efficient and skilled android studio developers to make robust android based apps.

There are some hidden features in android studio, for instance, code generator plug-ins, live templates, predefined project structures, and handy shortcuts file templates. In addition, the android studio also offers tooling support for multiple libraries, including a navigation editor to see an app’s navigation graph and a monitor editor to deploy effective transitions and animations in a much better way.

7. Coroutines & Kotlin

It has been quite a while since Google has introduced Kotlin because of its popularity and it is also the most recommended language for android app development in India. For a developer, it is a very critical decision to make in regards to Kotlin. Deploying Kotlin for android development will open sort of gates with advanced features, like scoped functions, extensions, object keywords, data classes, and null safety. Besides android app development, you’ll also integrate multi-platform and server-side development with the assistance of Kotlin. In addition, asynchronous programming plays a big role in mobile app development.

8. Too Big App

An android user in this  21st-century  will be more enthusiastic about a variety of things and definitely not likely to have a large mobile app. Smartphones, devices, and other mobile devices are still considerably limited in storage space. It is no wonder a huge number of mobile users are still avoiding apps that require more storage space and slow down their devices. So, it is always best to keep the size of your android app to a minimum size.

While developing an android app this should always be one of the primary priorities. This app size factor is another biggest mistake that more or less every business makes. To build a small size android app, you must look for an android app developer.

9. Delayed release of updates 

Android developers must always ensure that they are regularly evaluating the performance of the apps and making the necessary changes that are required. So, creating an app that is free of all types of errors, bugs, and issues, is very important to release updates and advancements on time. 


By now you have more or less got an idea as to what are the mistakes that are needed to be avoided while building an android app so that next time while building an android app keep these points in the account or you can hire android app developer.