Methods for enlarging lips without surgery, with simple and easy tricks

Plump lips are signs of a woman’s beauty and attractiveness, all girls want to have them and many of them resort to botox needles or plastic surgery, although there are some simple and inexpensive tricks that can be followed in order to get a chunky look as it is safe, so let us know you On tricks for lip augmentation without surgery or injections presented by cosmetologists in Thin Magazine.

Methods for enlarging lips without surgery

In the next lines, we have collected four methods that you can follow through using make-up to get plump and chunky lips:

Highlighter is one of the good tricks for enlarging lips, as you can apply a little highlighter to the middle area of ​​the upper lip so that the light shines on it, and you look more than it does in nature.

Concealer or concealer is another trick that you can apply to enlarge the lips naturally and simple, just put a few drops of concealer on the lips completely until the borders are erased, then draw the borders of the lips again with the liner, which makes them prominent and larger than their natural shape.

Lipstick colors are a popular way to get a look of full lips that are larger than their natural size, but you must rely on the method with some skill to look naturally through the coordination between dark and light colors, you only need to start first by identifying the lips with a liner and it is recommended to choose a darker color With one shade of the natural lip color, then apply a layer of lipstick in a light color such as nude, and then combine the colors with the tip of your finger a little with the gradient colors to make the lips more full naturally and not artificially.

Lip gloss
If you want to have lips full with simple and appropriate tricks for working hours, you can apply a layer of lipstick in a color that suits your makeup and clothes, relying on a glossy and liquid formula, which helps to give the lips a larger volume than they look. Make sure to moisturize your lips daily with Vaseline.

In the end, natural beauty is the perfect beauty. Do not resort to surgery except in the smallest limits as a last resort. You need self-confidence, and more self-care with easy and available tricks.

There are also some safer home recipes without the side effects that best skin specialist in Islamabad recommends for naturally enlarging lips.

1- Ice cubes:
Ice cubes are a great way to enlarge the lips, help increase blood flow in the skin, and get rid of dead and dry cells. It also soothes the lips from the heat of the hot rays of the sun. By massaging the lips with ice cubes for two minutes a day, once. Gradually, you will get bigger, smoother lips.

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2- Massage:
Massage is a gentle technique for getting bigger lips. You can use your favorite oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil on your lips and rub it slowly for 5-6 minutes. Then leave it for a minute so that the oil penetrates into your lips, wash it with warm water, and finally apply a lip balm. Do this once daily to get naturally bigger lips.

3- Honey:
Honey is a good remedy to make your lips naturally bigger. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients. While it helps to lighten the dead cells on your lips. For this, you can apply it several times a day on the lips and leave it on for 10 minutes, then wipe off. Alternatively, you can apply some honey to the lips before bed at night. It works to soothe and moisturize the lips in depth as well as add volume to them. This way you can also protect your lips from drying out in the cold weather of winter.

4- Peeling with sugar:
You can exfoliate the lips with sugar to help enlarge and exfoliate them naturally by mixing a small amount of sugar, adding some water to it, mixing it well and rubbing the lips with this mixture for a minute, no more. You can also add some moisturizing oil to it and massage it to moisturize the lips. It removes dead cells and cracks, and makes lips smoother. You can repeat this recipe twice a week. Instead of water, you can use honey as a great natural emollient to moisturize the skin. By mixing it with a teaspoon of brown sugar and exfoliating the lips with this natural mixture. It exfoliates dead cells and moisturizes the skin, both of which make the lips look big.