Mario Joos Talks Transitioning From Professional Gamer to Renowned Content Strategist

Known around the world to his fans as “RaptorDaRaptor”, Mario Joos is a former professional gamer and content creator now helping others create content. As a social media content strategist, he creates and innovates knowledge surrounding social media content for many famed YouTube personalities, helping them generate and promote videos that accelerate their brand

“There’s a massive lack of knowledge in aspects such as audience interest and audience engagement. Audience interest focuses on the ability to capture someone’s interest, audience engagement focuses on the ability to maintain that interest,” said Joos.

Joos has worked with many well-known content creators, including MrBeast, the highest earning content creator for YouTube in 2021, and Checkpoint, who has over 2.1 million subscribers on his channel. His interest in transitioning from creator to strategist came when he connected with one of his gaming buddies Jordi van den Bussche, better known as Kwebbelkop.

One day in April of 2020, he woke up and saw a Twitter post from the gamer that Joos thought was less than ideal for his online presence, and sent him a message about taking it down, explaining the importance of social media for all content creators. This led to a conversation about Joos’ interest in YouTube and supporting other gamers, and Kwebbelkop offered Joos the opportunity to work for him.

“This was a channel with over 10,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, a perfect start to a new career,” said Joos. “I’ve enjoyed Kwebbelkop’s content long before I met him. I used to watch his Grand Theft Auto stunt content and his vlogs while he was in Spain. Kwebbelkop is one of those people on YouTube that a lot of us would grow up watching. It’s a way to forget about your days and be sucked into the fun that he was having with his friends.”

Joos spent his first two months building a small tool to automatically analyze Kwebbelkop’s data. This is also when he started being able to make suggestions on how to improve Kwebbelkop’s thumbnails, the small promotional image that appears on YouTube beside the title of the video. A good thumbnail is the key to helping drive traffic. Joos also was pivotal in helping Kwebbelkop launch his additional YouTube channel. After the first week of launch, partly thanks to Joos’ data analysis tools, the additional channel hit 100,000 subscribers.

Within 2 months, the additional channel hit 400,000 subscribers, an outstanding achievement for a new channel. On top of this, Joos helped Kwebbelkop in growing his TikTok. Together, they would make discoveries on what content would achieve high results on the new platform, and cater towards that. 

Joos’ biggest success within his time working with Kwebbelkop was creating a projection of the content creator’s upcoming earnings for the next few years. This projection would go on to prevent the channel from losing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars long term.

“Jordi allowed me to create my own tools and let my imagination go wild on what’s possible with his channel. Even when the development of knowledge was slow and I needed some reminders that it’s important to think big, he gave me all the tools that I needed to grow into the industry professional I am today. We might not work together anymore, but I still respect the opportunity I was given by him. He’s still the reason why I’ve been able to grow so fast in this industry,” said Joos.

Joos’ discovery of evoking certain methods to push audiences to a certain channel helped Kwebbelkop grow the audience on his primary YouTube channel, his additional YouTube channel, and his TikTok. This method Joos discovered still works today and can even ensure guaranteed success for certain videos or a guaranteed number of views towards certain videos so that brands can rely on a guaranteed amount of views.

“We managed to find some really interesting ways to launch new channels and understand YouTube data from a different point of view compared to what was already out there,” Joos concluded. “My contribution was assisting in the expansion to newer audiences as well as data analysis. Creating the automated tool and the special method felt amazing, to me it was similar to the time where I would invent new tactics during my days as a professional gamer.”

You can check out Kwebbelkop’s YouTube channel here.

Photo courtesy of MnM Radio