How to Make Your Kids Happy in This Christmas Season

Children enjoy festivals and for them festival means fun and excitement. Christmas is that time of the year for which children wait eagerly. First and foremost, it is time for Christmas vacations and playing with friends throughout the day. Secondly, it is a time when their dearest Santa Claus will come on the reindeer and give them all the gifts that they want.

This is also the time when all mothers try out Christmas recipes for kids. Whether it is cakes or cookies, chocolates or puddings, children just freak out on these mind blowing desserts which their moms prepare for them. If you truly want to make this one of the most memorable Christmas for your tiny heroes then you must try out some easy Christmas recipes at home which are delicious and healthy.

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No Christmas is complete without cakes.  Try the all time favorite Christmas Cake Recipes like:

Chocolate cake:

This is an all time favorite with kids. Children just cannot resist the chocolate flavored cake, which is decorated with the delicious chocolate cream and choco chips.

Fruit cake:

This cake is loaded with rich dry fruits which are healthy for kids. The taste of pecans and orange marmalade makes this cake very tempting and kids just love it.

Oreo strawberry cake:

This is a no bake cake and it has all the stuff that kids love. It has their favorite oreo biscuits, chocolate and the goodness of fresh strawberries. This cake is very easy to make and needs very few ingredients.

If you want to give your kids some more yummy treats then check out these Christmas Pudding Recipes. Everyone in your house will go crazy with these puddings.

Mango pulp with Greek yogurt layer:

This has the goodness of mango pulp, low fat cream, Greek yogurt and cashew nuts. Instead of mango you can try out this recipe with some other seasonal fruits.

Kitty fruity cream cake:

This yummy creamy cake is very tempting and your children will drool over the creamy taste.

Blueberry cheesecake:

This soft cheesecake, which is flavored with frozen blueberries and blueberry marmalade is a unique recipe that you must try out for your children this Christmas.

If you are planning to make Christmas truly special for your children with delectable Christmas Dessert Recipes then you cannot miss out on chocolate and cookies.

Home baked chocolate strawberry delight:

This is a yummy chocolate cake, which is decorated with chocolate cream, gems and strawberries. Not just Christmas but this cake is a must for all celebrations like birthdays etc.

Honey oatmeal cookie recipe:

These cookies which have the goodness of oats are tasty and healthy. You can make these cookies even tastier by adding a dash of chocolate and dry fruits.

Egg-less ginger cookies:

These ginger cookies which are made using milk and no eggs are added are tasty. Decorate them with jam and cream and make this festive season even for enjoyable.

Chocolate dry fruit balls:

Make these yummy balls using chocolate, biscuits, condensed milk etc. These balls are so easy to make that even your children can make them. So make this lovely Christmas recipe along with your kids. It will be a great fun time activity and your children will learn to make something new.

Fried banana split with chocolate syrup:

This golden fried banana split with some delicious ice cream is a unique dessert which is a big hit with children and elders.

Chocolates, cakes, cookies and many such different delicacies are one of the best Christmas Gifting Idea for your children. Most of these recipes are easy to make. Also, when you make these Christmas delights for kids at home you are assured that you are using the best ingredients and maintaining the best standards of cleanliness and hygienist. When you try out these recipes at home for your children you mix a very special ingredient that is a mother’s love which makes the recipe all the more delectable.

Therefore, if you want to make your kids happy this festive season then instead of getting some ready-made sweets from the local bakery try out these tasty recipes at home. Some of the recipes are so simple that you can actually involve your children in making them. Make your kids Christmas memorable with these delightful recipes.