Affordable Suzuki Car Series: Low Budget Models for Every Need

Budget cars are a good option for people belonging to the middle class who

do not have much cash stacked up in their savings. Budget cars can

be easily maintained. They also have spacious interior space and deliver

good performance along with mileage. They are also known for being

environmentally friendly as they take less fuel compared to other cars.

Another benefit of budget cars is that they have a decent resale value.

The following are some of the best economical Suzuki cars.

1- Suzuki Mehran

Mehran has been in production for 3 decades. It was first introduced in

2012 and the 2020 version belongs to the 2nd generation. The second

generation added a few small improvements along with an engine upgrade

whereas the rest is identical to the 1st generation. Suzuki Mehran comes in

4 variants which are VX CNG, VXR CNG, Mehran VX, and VXR.

Suzuki Mehran

The exterior of the car is based on minimalism which is usual for the

vehicles manufactured in the 1980s. The car’s body is box-shaped.

Trapezium headlights with a designed grille are seen at the front. The design

of the grille includes various rectangular-shaped openings and the standard

dark bumpers. The back of the car contains angular shaped taillights. It is a

simple and tiny hatchback car.

The interior of the car is simple and minimalistic as well. Grey colored

plastic is used in the build of the interior. The seat modification controls can

be personally carried out by the passenger. Mehran lacks a lot of interior

features such as steering modification, central locking, and backseat belts.

However, a heater is added in the standard Mehran whereas the VXR

variant includes fabric seats and air conditioner.

This average engine

employed car gives a top speed of 130 km/h and 13 seconds are required

to go from 0 to 60 km/h which is safe and appropriate for family rides. This

car provides a lot at a low price.

2- Suzuki Cultus 2020

The latest version of the Cultus is not only environmentally friendly but has a

cheap price as well. The exterior of the car is redefined from the previous

models of Cultus and stylish curves are added to make it attractive. The

car’s structure is made muscular below the lights. Contours are added to

make the car look elegant.

Suzuki Cultus 2020

The interior of the car fulfills all the demands required for a family

hatchback. The cabin is practical and big. The seats are made of standard

black colored fabric. Some of the interior features include powered mirrors

and windows, AUX, CD player, charging dock, Bluetooth, radio, dual front

airbags, and USB slot.

Suzuki Cultus has 3 variants of VXR, AGS, and VXL.

This budget car provides extra convenience due to which it is hailed as a

famous family car.

3- Suzuki Margalla

Margalla is a sedan version of the 2nd generation Cultus. It’s production

started in 1996. This is one of the best selling sedans due to its cheap

price and excellent fuel efficiency. It is a five-door vehicle with a front-wheel

drive. A G13, four-cylinder 1300cc engine delivers a powerful performance.

Power steering is optional.

Suzuki Margalla

Suzuki Margalla has a very luxurious cabin space. The sleek dashboard

and comfortable seats are made of plastic, rexine, and leather. Interior

features include multimedia system, AC system, containers for putting tiny

stuff, automatic gear level and glove compartment. This car is available in

many colors such as beige, red, blue, gray, aluminum, white, super black

and silver.

4- Suzuki Liana

It is a compact car with more than enough interior room for five

passengers. It has a choice of 2 petrol engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters and is a

front-wheel drive. Both the engines are environment friendly as they emit

very low CO2 emissions and due to this, the fuel economy is top-notch too.

A five-speed manual gearbox provides good handling.

Suzuki Liana

With ABS, powered windows and locks, door locks, manually adjustable

front seats, a choice of 4 or 7 audio system, CD player, luggage shelf,

cupholders, AC system, digital instrument display and odometer, Liana

offers many interior features at a low price. A lot of safety features are

offered as well such as 4 airbags, security deadlock system, child seat

anchorage tether, side collision impact beams, and engine immobilizer.

This is a practical and very fun-to-drive car due to its aerodynamic body.

5- Suzuki FX

Suzuki FX car was first introduced in 1980. It is a front-wheel-drive hatchback

with only one variant known as GA. The exterior is very simple and basic

with rectangular headlights, silver grille, and black pumper. 

Suzuki FX

The seats are made of fabric whereas the interior is made of black plastic trim and the

recent models employed beige plastic trim pieces. Every part of the car can

be operated manually. The 796cc engine generates 40 hp. It’s a very

low-priced car with cheap running costs.

So which one of these affordable Suzuki cars is your pick and why?