10 Little Things Your Partner Does That Should Always Be Appreciated

Little Things Your Partner Does

It’s during long-term relationships that we get comfortable with our partners – sometimes too comfortable. We get used to having our partners around. always greet our partners, talk about random things and say “I love you” countless times. We see date nights after a busy work day as a common thing.

As time goes by, we see nothing special about these things. We fail to keep a stock of all the good things worth acknowledging, and often magnify the issues. We fall into a routine that we often lose sight of the big picture of how fortunate we are to love and be loved.

There are different ways your partner says “I love you.” And most of the time, they’re found in little, subtle acts of love that you often ignore. Here are 10 little things your partner does that you shouldn’t take for granted.

1. When your partner works on being present

Since we’re always busy during the day, the only thing we want to do after our shift is to go home and rest. So if your partner does his best to show up, turns off his phone, and actively be in the moment with you despite being sleepy, don’t take this for granted. This just shows they value the quality of time you spend together.

2. Your partner’s physical affection

It’s not just about sex – a partner who expresses affection through physical touch (like forehead kisses and snuggles) is worth keeping and acknowledging. Make sure to let your partner know that you love and appreciate what he is doing. This encourages them to continue showing love through physical affection.

3. Their words of affirmation

If your partner is naturally a sweet person, it’s easy to get used to their language of love. However, only a few is blessed to have a partner that never fails to tell you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. You’ve heard many times but always let their words sink it and absorb positive affirmations.

4. Those thoughtful, heart-melting gifts

Not everyone is lucky enough to receive thoughtful gifts. It could be a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop, a new stress-busting coloring book, or a cute box of medicines for common ailments. These are small “I am thinking of you” gifts that don’t deserve to be ignored. If you come to think of it, they’re even sweeter than grand gestures like a piece of jewelry.

5. When they do favors for you

Does he buy or make you coffee when you’re busy doing work from home tasks? Or initiate doing the dishes when you’re tired? Does he offer to pick you up at work and carry your floral handbag and office documents? Just because they always do this doesn’t mean expressing appreciation is not needed.

A second set of hands meant to make your life easier is a gift. The mere fact your partner puts time and effort to care for you is something worth celebrating. These positive actions may be a “piece of cake” for your SO, but they’re all grounded on love. Always let your partner know how grateful you are of these little things.

6. The extra grooming for your date

Take note if your bae gets a new haircut for you, proudly wears the scent you got them and takes his everyday clothes up a notch for your date night. This just means he’s putting a little extra effort to turn you on- a gesture that deserves to be acknowledged.

7. Their financial support in times of need

Being in a relationship might mean having the ability to share financial resources. You may dwell under one roof and share the expenses, split the cost of going out, or even provide or receive financial assistance when one of you needs it. Carrying the financial responsibilities together is a positive aspect of a relationship that’s worth appreciating.

8. Their never-ending enthusiasm about your day

Doesn’t it feel comforting to have someone to embrace tightly and talk to at the end of the long day? It’s nice to have a partner whose ears are always open to your everyday stories, whether it’s about your mini traffic congestion rants or about the cute dog you saw on the street.

9. Your partner’s ability to listen and comfort you

It’s not all about the good – a partner that listens to your problems, try to do something to ease them, and help you make it through times of hardships are worth-keeping.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that “built in person” to share things with. That said, if your partner is always enthusiastic about listening to your voice, give them a tight hug right now.

10. When your partner continues to be your best friend

You know you’re in a fun and healthy relationship when your partner is also your best friend whom you do fun things with.

You enjoy almost the same things. You both find joy in concerts, movies, food trips, beach getaways, and other fun things together. You also get to be a dynamic duo when you attend social invites, like weddings and parties, together. Some people aren’t as lucky to have such go-to person, so be grateful.

Aside from appreciating the time and experiences you had together, it’s also valuable to acknowledge the fact that you’ve got someone to spend that moment with in the first place.

Author Bio:

Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for Relationship Room Couples Counseling, a couples psychology institution specializing in relationship counseling and therapies for couples and families. She may be hopeless romantic, but she’s got some straightforward pieces of advice about love, dating, and relationships.