Knowing More about Liver Transplantation

The liver is an important organ on the human body that performs certain types of important functions. It is necessary to prevent the liver from damages and other problems for reducing the risks in life. Many people these days face liver failure due to smoking, alcohol, and other problems. There are several factors which are responsible for liver failures and one should avoid them for minimizing the complications. Some of them include cirrhosis, fatty liver, cystic fibrosis, Wilson’s disease, biliary duct atresia, and so on. A liver transplant is a surgical procedure meant for those who have end-stage liver failure and liver cancer. On the other hand, the liver transplant cost in India may vary from one hospital to another hospital and patients should evaluate them with care for making a better decision. A patient has to wait for a long time for performing the surgery because it requires a donor. It is an important one to know more about the surgery procedure in detail before visiting a hospital.

What are procedures followed in the liver transplantation?

Liver transplantation includes the following things and patients should undergo them to know whether they qualify for the surgical procedure.

• X-ray

• Blood tests

• Echocardiogram for evaluating the heart functions

• Lung function tests

• CT and Doppler ultrasound

• Kidney function tests

• Virology workup

• Psychological tests

• Cancer screening in case of liver cancer

How is liver transplant performed?

A surgeon will determine a date for carrying out the live transplant procedure after getting a liver from a donor and evaluating the final tests on a patient. The surgery can take up to 12 hours and the first step is giving anaesthesia to a patient before starting the procedure. It involves removing the damaged liver with an incision and replacing the same with a new liver. In most cases, a surgeon focuses more on examining the abdomen for defects that will restrict the liver transplantation. The second step involves the mobilization of the native liver that can separate the imperative structures. Finally, a surgeon will close the incision after making sure that bleeding is under control.

The recovery process may take 6 to 12 months after performing the surgery. At the same time, the liver transplant patients need excellent support from family and friends for restoring the conditions to a large extent. It is necessary to have frequent check-ups after returning home to evaluate the progress levels. Patients should also take medications for the rest of their life for obtaining optimal results. This will help to keep the immune system in a healthy condition for lowering attacks to a new liver.

Cost of liver transplant in India

There are many factors involved in determining the costs of a liver transplant in India enabling patients to make a better decision. Some of them include:

• The number of surgeons taking part in the surgery

• Medication costs and other consumables

• Location

• Hospital amenities

• Post-surgery consultation fees

• The experience of surgeons

• The number of days spent in intensive care at a hospital

• Age

• Health conditions

• Gender

The cost of liver surgery is low in India when compared to other western countries. Most hospitals offer high-quality treatments to patients with highly-qualified surgeons enabling them to undergo major changes. Another thing is that they show methods to perform surgery in a comfortable environment to avoid unwanted issues. It is necessary to get more details about surgery costs from various sources that can help to choose the right one accordingly.

How to compare the transplant costs?

Anyone who wants to compare the liver transplant surgery cost in India can search for the details from medical tourism websites. This will help to match the prices of hospitals in an order which can help to select services at estimated budgets. Apart from that, it is possible to find a doctor who specializes in the liver transplant procedure. Patients can even send their queries to a doctor directly through email for scheduling an appointment in advance. The surgical procedure is not advisable for those who have HIV infections, serious heart disease, active drug or alcohol use, active systematic infections, and advanced age. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a surgeon to know more about them in detail. The cost of a liver transplant may cost up to 40 lakhs depending on the conditions and other factors.