Kidney Stone – It’s Causes & Ayurvedic Treatments

Today, everyone is struggling with a lot of diseases due to poor lifestyle. One of these diseases is kidney stone. Experts believe that certain elements are found in our urine, including citrate, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Kidney Stone Ayurvedic Medicine in Hindi All these elements work to prevent stone formation. But when there is a decrease in their quantity or they are not present, then the chances of becoming stone are increased.

There are many ways to treat kidney stone today. Usually, doctors choose the medium of treatment only after examining the kidney stone. Its treatment includes allopathy, homoeopathy, surgery, home remedies etc. But despite all this, there is a very effective treatment medium which we know as Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone in Hindi There is a cure for almost every disease in Ayurveda. Ayurveda mentions medicines and surgery for its best treatment along with kidney stone for thousands of years ago.

What are the causes of kidney stone?

Taking calcium medicines can cause stones problem. Because vitamin D and vitamin A are also calcium-rich, which can cause stones. Ayurvedic Medicine For Stone Pain Lack of water in the body and chronic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease and tubular acidosis can also cause it. Apart from all this, due to old age, lack of estrogen, an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle, kidney stone problem also comes to the fore. 

What are the symptoms of kidney stone?

Like many diseases diabetes, kidney stone also has certain symptoms, with the help of which you or your doctor can find out that you are suffering from a kidney stone. Its symptoms include severe pain in the back and abdomen, a gradual increase in pain, urine bleeding, frequent urination, change in urine colour, urine colour brown due to stone problem. Or redness, the smell of urine, fever, vomiting and infection of the urinary tract.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Kidney Stone

Better treatment of kidney stone is possible and this is the reason that today allopathy doctors, as well as doctors of Ayurveda, are opening their clinics everywhere. Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone Pain Experts of Ayurveda believes that stones up to 10 mm long can be treated very easily with the help of medicine. But surgery is used when the size of the stone is larger than this.

After boiling ten leaves of a plant named Stone-stone and Stone-Chatta in a glass of water, consume it in the morning and evening. Doing this for a few days provides a lot of benefit in kidney stone. Apart from Ayurvedic Treatment for Stone, medicines like Gokshuradi Guggal, Punarnava Kwath and Varunadi Kwath, Gokshru, Trinpanchmool also play a very big role in removing stones. Only after consulting a doctor can you get rid of your stone problem by taking these medicines.

Basil can be used in the treatment of stone. Because its intake is very beneficial. Consumption of basil leaves the stone through urine. Mix one teaspoon of basil juice and one teaspoon of honey with it and take it on an empty stomach every morning. By doing this for only 2 to 3 months, the problem of kidney stone is removed. Ayurvedic Medicine For Stone Pain You can also chew three to four leaves of basil on an empty stomach. Also, put four to five basil leaves in a glass of water and boil the water and then after cooling down, drink a teaspoon of honey mixed with it.

Rajma is rich in fibre due to which it helps in getting rid of many diseases related to the urine pathway and kidney. Ayurveda Treatment For Stone in Hindi Boil the rajma in water and keep it to cool, then filter it and consume the rajma. Once this mixture is made, it should be drunk within 24 hours. Because after 24 hours Rajma loses its medicinal properties and it is of no use when used later.

Dandelion root is very beneficial to get rid of kidney stone. It works by strengthening our digestive system and expelling toxins from the body. Stone Ayurvedic Medicine in Hindi By using dandelion for a few months, the whole body is cleansed. Boil the root of dandelion in tea and eat it. If you want, you can also drink juice made from the root of the dandelion. Be sure to add a small amount of ginger and orange peel to the juice. Kidney stones disappear in a few days after consuming two to three cups of dandelion juice daily.


Before using any medicine or home remedies with the intention of removing the kidney stone problem, make sure to meet the doctor once and consult their opinion. Taking any medicine or medicine according to your mind can prove to be harmful to you. Even if you are considering taking any medicines, make sure you go for ayurvedic medicines many ayurvedic companies like Snaana have come in the market to promote ayurvedic products.