Is Cruising Still Safe? What You Need To Know


The outbreak of COVID-19 has engulfed the whole world effacing the travel and tourism industry rigorously. Travel industry news advised to avoid any kind of travel to maintain the social distancing especially with three ships in Japan, Cambodia and Hong Kong has been quarantined. The spread of epidemic overseas has increased the concerns about cruising in these circumstances. 

Although the ship administration is usually expert in dealing with sickness outbursts and they follow very strict rules and regulations regarding health safety and wellbeing. They take extremely good care of cleanliness and hygiene on the ship. On these ships, if any passenger gets sick on-board they follow the rules of SOLAS and isolate the passenger. The issue, however, is that after being exposed to coronavirus it takes up to 15 days to show the symptoms, by then people all around the infected person can be attacked by the virus. 

Up until now, other than 3 Asian quarantined ships no other cruises around the world have shown any trace of coronavirus. Still, the risk of getting infected by COVID-19 is greater while cruising because of the confined space and no social distancing protocol. 

Presently Ongoing reports of COVID-19 on travels feature the danger of contaminations. Due to the increased risk and exceptional circumstances, the travel industry news has warned travelers not to go on cruise ships. Although the U.S government has been asking their citizens to follow the social-distancing strictly still the virus is being transmitted and affecting thousands of people taking valuable lives.

The whole tourism and travel industry have changed its rules and policies in the light of recent pandemic. If you are planning on cruising you should check with your cruise company beforehand and get the updated information before taking any risk.

What to do during travel to keep yourself and others safe?

  • It is in the best interest of you and the others if you chose not to travel anywhere in the world and opt for a future date for cruising instead.
  • If you do have to go on a cruise ship during coronavirus outbreak the follow the hygiene rules of the ship strictly. 
  • If you are feeling sick then avoid cruising because the risk of getting infected by coronavirus is greater with a weak immune system
  • When on a cruise, abstain from any physical contact with people around you especially who seem sick
  • If you are undergoing some medical treatment or have some chronicle-sickness the risk of getting infected by COVID-19 will be greater.
  • Keeping your hands sanitized throughout the day and abstains from touching your face without washing hands might keep you safe. 
  • If you feel feverish or have trouble breathing with severe coughing, quarantine yourself in your cabin and immediately inform the ship crew about your medical condition. 
  • If you came home after fourteen days of cruising, quarantine yourself for two weeks and follow social distancing strictly. Monitor your health and get tested for COVID-19.

You can go cruising safely once the global pandemic is over until then stay safe in your home.