Injuries That Occur Due to Defective Work Equipment

Work Equipment

As an employee, you shouldn’t every time expect that the material provided by your employer is always in good condition. Due to overuse or poor maintenance, the equipment can become defective. This defective equipment can cause serious consequences during working time. This defective equipment can cause a threat to the employee’s life.

Defective equipment can also cause long-term effects. Furthermore, this equipment can also cause amputation to the hand, arm or leg. Therefore, unfortunately, if you get any injury due to the defective equipment, you should claim compensation against the liable party. As you know, this is the duty of the employer to provide adequate working equipment. Further, it’s also the duty of health and safety management team to check the equipment, whether it’s working or not.

Injuries that can occur due to defective equipment

Various types of injuries can occur due to defective equipment. These injuries range from mild to severe depending on the type of accident and deepness of the injury. Some common injuries are:

Electric shock injury

In industries, maintenance work or during farm work, electric shock injuries are common. These electric shocks further range from mild to severe according to the intensity of the shock. In some severe conditions, more electricity flows through the body of a victim, and start melting. Furthermore, the electric shock also depends on further factors. These factors include the part of the body involved in electric shock, the length of the time current flows, voltage size, and whether the victim was dry or wet. All these factors can change electric shock from mild to severe.

The most common cause of electric shock in the workplace is defective or malfunction equipment. Sometimes, not wearing protective clothing can also cause electric shocks. The electric shock may also lead to cardiac arrest, disability or death. In moderate condition, skin burn, kidney failure, tissues damage and neurological damage can also occur.

Burn injuries

Poorly maintained equipment can also cause burn injuries. In some cases, due to high friction, or damaged product, the product might also become very hot. It can become very hot or can blow during work. This condition can cause severe damage to the skin of the employee. Burn injuries usually occur due to faulty wiring, poor designing of the equipment.

Soft tissues injuries

Sometimes, injuries cause damage to the muscles and soft tissues of the body. This injury usually occurs due to faulty equipment, slip or trip on equipment, or poorly maintained equipment. For example, due to poor blade, while digging or drilling your machine can damage and can cause injuries to your hands and nearby areas. Laceration, cut, and fracture is the most common injuries.

When to claim compensation?

After getting injured, you first get medical attention. As you know, delaying the medical problem, especially when you are facing injury and blood loss, can worsen your case. If you delay the medical treatment due to your carelessness, you might also ruin your compensation claim.

Never leave the accident area without letting you know your employer. If you don’t, the employer might change the accident area or can also change the apparatus to prove his innocence. You can take the snaps of the accident area, defective equipment, and your injury so that you have solid proves.

After the medical attention, you should claim the compensation. Most of the employees hesitate to claim compensation; they fear of getting lose their job. However, it’s their legal right. In this scenario, personal injury solicitor can help you to claim the compensation. He can help in getting evidence of the mistake and negligence of the employer.

Personal injury solicitor can also help you to estimate the damage in the form of a compensation claim. A victim can add physical damage, physiological damage, medical costs, travel expenses, hospital expenses and social loss in compensation amount. This is a time taking process, but after some months, the victim will surely get compensation according to the damage and suffering.