How to maintain your car when you are not driving it much


When you are owning a vehicle, it’s common to use it frequently. But what about those cars that you only use for having fun, or one that is only used seasonally? It seems easy but to upkeep the vehicle you need to maintain it properly. And for maintaining you need to follow these car maintenance tips.

Clean the car

Make sure you empty and clean the car. Because there are chances that you forget something into the car like your valuable things or some food particles. And that food remnants could tempt rodents and other intruders. So, take that trash out of your car and consider adding some air freshener or odour repelling products. With the help of the freshener, the air inside will no more smell stale.

Turn it on after some days

If possible, start your vehicle every few days, even if you don’t go anywhere. Doing this will keep the fluids cycling through your engine and will keep it lubricated. Even it will prevent liquids from pooling in certain areas. This will ensure that your battery stays fresh and healthy. This tip is a bonus point for seniors who only leave home once or twice a week. This will start the car reliably every time they go out.

Prevent battery corrosion

If you are using your vehicle seasonally, or have an idea that you’re not going to use your car for a longer time then consider disconnecting your battery. It will prevent battery corrosion and will keep your battery in working condition for a longer time. If you’re preparing your car for storage, then don’t charge the battery. It is said that connecting the battery to a trickle battery tender or charger will automatically shut-off feature or float mode.

Protect the exterior

Protecting the exteriors of the car is essential because the looks always matter. You should have a clear idea about protecting your car’s paint and how to deal with those foggy headlights. If possible, store your car into garages where weather conditions can’t hit your cars. Or else you can store it under the carports if you don’t have a garage.

Inflate the tyres

If you’re not going to move your car for a longer time, and the temperature is going to change, then there are chances that your tires will slowly lose its pressure. For that reason, it is recommended to inflate your tyres but doesn’t exceed the maximum pressure. You can repeat that same process when you take out the vehicle from the storage.

Engine accessory belts and rubber hoses

Things like the rubber hoses and engine belt can eventually break down, but the degradation is highly variable. Most of the hoses and belts are expected to last for a longer time but due to other components, disuse can cause problems. While it also depends on the parking condition of your vehicle because rubber can get cracked or dry out that can cause things like leaks and weakening belts.

Change oil

In case, you’re not driving your car regularly, the oil can deteriorate and it is because of fluctuations in the temperature. For those cars who don’t go on the road frequently should change the oil according to mileage. Consider changing the oil after every six months’ even if you’re ahead of manufacturer mileage. It’s a good idea to change the oil before starting it for the first time to get out of the oil.

Consider a parking brake

In case, you’ve not used your parking brake in past, then it’s not a good time to try it out. Mainly, if the car is a few years old. But if you have an old car the jacketing or the shielding cable may not be in a good condition. It might grab when you put it into place. That could prevent parts from seizing up.


Caring for your car in the right way will ensure that it is ready to use when you need it or when you want to have fun. It gives you assurance that it will run reliably for the many years to come, even if you only use it occasionally.

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