How To Choose A Good Mattress To Rest

We Spaniards sleep a little more than seven hours on average a day. This means that we generally spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Taking into account the health problems that can derive from a bad rest, the choice of a good mattress to sleep on appears to be essential. Gualberto Buela, president of the Spanish Association of Behavioral Psychology (AEPC) and professor of Psychology at the University of Granada and expert in sleep disorders, has pointed out some practical recommendations for taking care of sleep, among which the fact of « investing in a good mattress «. This professional claims that ” sleeping is the behavior that we humans practice the most .”

General criteria for choosing a good mattress

As a general rule, a good mattress should distribute the weight of the body properly , respecting the natural curvature of the spine, face up and aligned when sleeping on your side.

When choosing a mattress it is essential to have certain information collected before going to the sales centers to limit the possibilities of purchase.

Number of people who will sleep on the mattress . It is recommended that in cases where there is only one person who is going to sleep, the width of the mattress must be at least 90 cm, and when it comes to mattresses for two people of a minimum of 150 cm. Best mattress

User weight. Another of the data that would be necessary to have would be the weight of the user or users (if there are two), since depending on this parameter the most suitable type of mattress for rest may vary.

Diseases or ailments of users. Finally, it is essential to remember if you suffer from back ailments, allergies, sleep disorders, if you spend excessive heat or excessive cold at night, and any other data that may be considered relevant when making the choice of mattress.

Mattress materials

Among the mattress manufacturing materials, we are going to highlight four for their characteristics and functionality: springs, latex, bultex, and memory foam.

The spring mattresses provide great firmness and variable adaptability. They offer sufficient support and good ventilation.

The latex ones favor a soft rest, adapting well to the contours of the body and distributing the pressure evenly. They are recommended for people who move around a lot at night and for people with respiratory allergies. They are totally inadvisable for those allergic to latex.

The built is a cellular material in the form of cells having varying firmness. They are easy to handle and are good insulators from heat.

The mattresses with memory foam material provide great adaptability and firmness suitable for proper rest. They are the most recommended for those who suffer from back pain.

In addition to this, the correct choice of the mattress must always be accompanied by a good choice of its cover and bedding. In the specialized retail outlets, there are great professionals who will help you make the right decision before purchasing.