Amazing Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Things To Do In Sri Lanka

1. Lease And Drive A Tuk 

Our experience of employing and leasing a tuk was hands down the best activity in Sri Lanka

We decided to recruit out our tuk not long after showing up in Colombo and utilized it for our whole multi-week venture around Sri Lanka. 

It is the thing that empowered us to see and do all that we needed and to find such a significant number of off in an unexpected direction undertaking that we wouldn’t have discovered something else. 

Truth be told, we wound up visiting in excess of twelve distinct towns and urban areas across Sri Lanka, and you can get familiar with the course we took here. 

On the off chance that you are at all keen on recruiting your own tuk and going on such an extraordinary experience, at that point I firmly suggest it (to set aside cash, look at our 5% TukTuk Rental markdown code). 

The article beneath is an inside and out the record of our tuk experience and how you can approach participation in the good times. 

2. Test The Kothu Rotti 

We gave a wide range of food a shot our multi-week hiking trip across Sri Lanka, however by a long shot our most loved supper was Kothu Rotti. 

There’s a decent possibility you’ve taken a stab at something comparable before when eating Indian food. 

Yet, Kothu Rotti is in a general sense diverse to different rottis you may have had. 

What’s more, this is on the grounds that it comes cut and cleaved in a bowl, presented with a wide range of various meat alternatives. 

3. Invest Energy Enjoying The Sunsets 

Sri Lanka is rapidly getting one of the world’s chief special first night goals. 

What’s more, one reason for this is the amazing nightfalls you get the opportunity to encounter pretty much each and every night. 

At the point when you are up in the uneven nation places like Ella and Nuwara Eliya, you won’t get the chance to see these so much. 

Be that as it may, all around the coast, and specifically regions like Trincomalee and Mirissa, the dusks are amazing. 

They are among the most charming things to see in Sri Lanka, so set aside some effort to unwind in the nights and take advantage of them. 

4. Travel In  Train From Kandy To Ella 

By and by, this is something that we didn’t get the opportunity to do during our time in Sri Lanka. 

Not that I feel upset, as we figured out how to take a great part of a similar course by tuk so still got the opportunity to see the entirety of the equivalent amazing locales that the train ride offers. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’ve spent even only a couple of moments looking around for the best activities in Sri Lanka, you will have effectively have just ran over this train ride. 

Many believe it to be the most renowned train ride on the planet, seeing as it offers such a significant number of pleasant photograph openings. 

It takes you up into the moving slope nation of Sri Lanka and, in transit you pass by interminable tea manors and moving mountains. 

Trains work all over Sri Lanka and you can appreciate numerous other charming rides at entirely reasonable rates. 

Be that as it may, the Kandy to Ella course is by a long shot the most voyaged and generally well known. 

Remember to book your train from Kandy to Ella ahead of time, particularly during top season as it can sell out because of its prevalence! You can book your train direct on 12Go Asia directly here. 

5. Participate With A Local Game Of Cricket 

Cricket is by a long shot the most mainstream game played in Sri Lanka. 

Everybody and their nan appear to possess a cricket bat and you’ll see matches being played everywhere. 

This remembers for the sea shore, in parks and even in the center of the street. 

I’m not a major aficionado of cricket but rather two or multiple times I really wanted to participate and attempt to get somebody out. 

As referenced before, everybody in Sri Lanka is fantastically cordial and most would be more than glad for certain outsiders to participate and play. 

6. Go Surfing! 

Ostensibly one of the best time activities in Sri Lanka is to go surfing! 

I guess this boils down to the amount you love watersports, yet Sri Lanka is well known for its riding openings. 

To such an extent that Red Bull have their yearly Ride My Wave challenge there. 

Contingent upon which season you go, you should look at the best spots to visit in Sri Lanka for surfing. 

In any case, you should find that there is something for a wide range of surfers accessible lasting throughout the year. 

Arugam Bay appears to have become the most renowned surf spots in the nation and there is an unbelievably relaxed vibe there that makes this a surfer’s heaven. 

7. Unwind On The Beach 

Despite the fact that there is such a great amount to see and do on your Sri Lanka can list, remember to take as much time as necessary and loosen up sometimes. 

Specifically, on one of their numerous seashores, which are the ideal spots to unwind and loosen up with a decent book while you chip away at your tan. 

As I would like to think, the greater part of the best seashores in Sri Lanka is on the south coast around Mirissa and Unawatuna. 

In any case, all things considered, the seashores in Trincomalee and Arugam Bay are similarly as dazzling and quiet. 

8. Eat Out Every Night! 

At long last, we found that perhaps the best activity in Sri Lanka is to appreciate the low expenses of eating and feast out each night. 

It is so ideal to head out and not need to stress over cooking for yourself on more than one occasion per day. 

What’s more, with such a significant number of cafés to browse thus much extraordinary food on offer, you truly are ruined for decision. 

The nation additionally has a pleasant blend of neighborhood cooking and classic shoddy nourishment like burgers and chips for when you’re feeling somewhat less courageous! 

9. Sit Hot Air Balloon (Dambulla) 

We found that, during our stay in Sigiriya, numerous sightseers decide to employ out a sight-seeing balloon which takes them high above both Dambulla and Sigiriya each night. 

From here, you will get the chance to see either amazing dusks or dawns over the moving open country and notorious Lion Rock (Sigiriya Rock) and Pidurangala Rock (examined more beneath). 

We didn’t get the chance to do this without anyone else’s help, however heard astonishing things about the experience. 

It’s effectively one of the most sentimental activities in Sri Lanka and, when we the following visit I will set aside the effort to book into a tourist balloon ride. 

10. Go On Safari 

Effectively one of the most well known activities in Sri Lanka is to go on safari. 

The nation brags a number distinctive national parks, dabbed the whole way across, for example, Yala, Wilpattu, Kaudulla and Minneriya. 

Thus, whether or not you are visiting for multi-week or 2 months, you can nearly ensure that you will be almost at least one safari park sooner or later. 

What’s likewise decent is that relying upon which season you decide to go, you could go over any number of various creatures while out in the parks. 

For instance, we decided to do a short-term safari involvement with Wilpattu National Park, not long after showing up. 

We went in October and, at that season you are just expected to see a couple of elephants and perhaps a panther. 

We saw a lot of elephants which was extraordinary and furthermore figured out how to detect an amazingly uncommon sloth bear on out of the recreation center! 

They are commonly intended to be resting at that season so observing one was both another experience and totally unforeseen. 

Next time we go, we would like to have better karma spotting ourselves a panther!