Respect Speed Breakers When You are Driving a Car

Speed breakers are a traffic-calming device that plays an essential role in safely slowing the speed of vehicles running on the road. These are rounded, raised areas set over the roadway and are useful for locations where low speed is coveted.

Speed breakers are not only the most effective way of reducing the speed of vehicles, but they can even be logically placed on the roads to make advantageous walkways for the people on the street.

They are strategically placed on the roads that are crosswise over private, residential or school areas where rapid driving can result in dangerous accidents. Humps are placed on the streets to avoid any chance of accidents as they break the speed of any vehicle up to 90%, thereby making it safe for the general population to walk around the street. If you see it differently, speed breakers act like a sleeping police officer who works as a traffic police officer to slow down the speed of vehicles and protect our lives.

Concurrent technical developments have not left anything unaffected, and the same goes for speed breakers as well. Speed breakers were typically made of concrete and asphalt. These days, the same has been replaced by rubber, rubber with cable protector, heavy-duty steel, and many other advanced materials for superior durability and protection. Conventional speed humps were not sturdy and durable, and hence rubber humps came into the picture. They are preferred over concrete bumps for their sturdiness, high-visibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Any company can’t create speed breakers as they are a product of sound engineering. The company taking the responsibility of producing speed humps has to meet the Standards drawn by the Government as they have to maintain the essential quality of the product.

You can find speed breakers in different sizes, materials, and heights depending upon the requirement of that particular location. It also depends upon how much speed reduction has to be acquired after crossing the hump. These can be easily be achieved by customised heights and widths of the speed humps. According to a study made recently, speed breakers, generally reduce traffic volume by 18% and collisions by 13%. They are a must-have for road safety.

Here are some additional points explaining the importance of speed humps-

Helps in traffic control-

Installing speed humps on super busy roads control traffic to a great extent. Drivers are forced to slow down as not doing so can damage their vehicle. An open highway or driveway can be tempting for some drivers. Hence, strategically installed speed humps will slow down traffic flow.


One of the main perks of speed humps is the increased level of security. Speed breakers force drivers to slow down whether they want to or not. In areas like a school or parking lot where there are bound to be many pedestrians, speed breakers help reduce the risk of accidents significantly. Although installing a speed hump doesn’t eliminate the risk of car accidents entirely, it can definitely reduce the chances of one occurring. Since cars will be moving slowly in the presence of bumps, the chances of life-threatening injuries are minimised.

Even though speed breakers reduce the speed of vehicles crossing by, they can damage the car if the driver fails to reduce the speed successfully. Hence, it is imperative to protect your vehicle with a comprehensive car insurance policy. A car insurance policy protects your car against damages caused due to crashes, lightening, flood, and other calamities.