Google Docs VS Microsoft Word (Complete Review).

In the past few years Google Docs and Microsoft Word facing a War to compete best word processor. Microsoft Office is a window based application used in offices, schools and any other institute. Now if you talk about Google Docs it’s work totally different. Google Docs is a web-based application used only online with a lot of awesome benefits of sharing and much more.

Now a common question everyone asked is, which one is better and game changer? Only you can answer this simple question after understanding some facts.

How To Use Microsoft Word Online and Offline?

If you only want to work on MS Word and want to purchase its license but it is not possible. Because MS Office has the complete package in the form of Office 365. In Office 365 you will get Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, One Drive, …etc. You also check price here of all the packages and seen in the screenshot we take for your better understanding.

in 2010 MS Word add Office 365 package and you will get it when you buy any license of this category. You can use MS Office using Web-based Online, Office in computer applications, and in Mobile (Android & IOS) in the form of mobile applications.

How To Use Google Docs (Review)?

Google Docs is fully free word processor software but a lot of awesome sharing features. So it’s best for the beginner who cannot pay money and want to use word processor software. The best thing is Google makes strikethrough in google docs, hanging indent on google docs, and landscape in google docs very easy. Also, other features are the same very easy and simple.

In Google Docs sharing is also very easy and simple you can share documents with just simple one click. How can you share your documents using Google Docs editor online? Here is a simple guideline about it.

In the upper side when your written documents work is complete you can simply click on the share button as I mentioned in the screenshot.

After this window appear on your screen. Simply write the email address of the person you want to share your documents. In the edit section, you can simply edit what kind of access you want to share with the person. There are three types of options available.

  • Can edit
  • Can comment
  • Can view

In Edit access your sharing documents easily edit when other people open it. In comment second person only have access to comment and share his opinion and own point of view. In view, only the second person can read it.

We hope this Microsft Office and Google Docs comparison is helpful for you. Share it with your friends. Sharing is Caring.