Some Common Gardening Mistakes You are Not Aware Of

Gardening Mistakes

Being a gardener, you’ll love to watch your growing garden but there are many things you aren’t aware of, whether it is good for the plants or not. Each plant is different and associated with different qualities like the amount of soil, shade, sunlight, and water requirements for a plant isn’t similar to others. Many a times, even experienced gardeners attempt such mistakes.

There’s a specific process for gardening like a gardener must follow step by step procedure to grow the garden like weeding, soil testing, composting, watering, controlling pests, mulching and more. But many gardeners avoid these things and resultantly the garden will not flourish properly. Here is list of thing which you shouldn’t avoid but you often attempt, have a look to not avoid these essentials:

Not testing soil

Soil is an essential as well as very important compound to grow plants, but quality of soil varies from place to place in your garden. You should use soil tester to test the amount of minerals, nutrients and quality of soil. Without testing the soil, you have no idea of what additives your soil is lacking. Soil quality changes from one season to another, so keep a check over it.

Watering the leaves

Watering the leaves may consider as wastage of water as it blows in the wind and become a reason for breeding ground for fungus and other diseases. Instead of this, you can choose drip irrigation technique or soaker hose for good results. So the plants can receive enough moisture. But watering in early morning hours is best because late night watering causes moisture that results into different diseases.

Not Composting

After soil testing, you’ll get to know what nutrients and minerals your plants and soil needs. Composting ads minerals and essential nutrients in the soil and it is easy to amend the soil. Compost can be purchased from local farmers, garden centers, nurseries and other related places. Even you can develop it at your home.

Ignoring pest control

If you are worried about adding pest control to your garden because it can destroy your plants then don’t worry there are natural ways too. Otherwise these pests will definitely destroy whole plants. Look for the disease resistant plants and related remedies.

You should also do mulching as it protects your hard work. It keeps the soil moisture too. These steps shouldn’t be ignored for a green and healthy garden.