Important Things to Consider While Going for Reykjavík Trip

Reykjavík Trip

If you are planning to visit at Reykjavík of Iceland in next vacation with family, prior knowledge about fun activities (both indoor and outdoor) available here will be utility information for you. You will be able to plan your trip accordingly so that kids can enjoy the trip at their best.

Swimming in luxury pools

If swimming is your favourite pastime, then Reykjavík, Iceland will keep you amazed. Here you can spend your family days with two options like Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool and water complex of Arbaejarlaug. Both the watery kingdoms have their own charm and excitements. Each water complex has kids zone, family swimming zone, facility of water sports etc, which will keep kids and you wonderfully engrossed.

Whale Watching

Whale watching show is a world-class live show here that you will be enjoying a lot with your family. The shows remain open between May and September; however, best shows are seen between June and September months. Most of the tours are of 2-5 hours. Dolphins, as well as occasionally blue whales, can be seen during these trips.

Go for horse riding

Horse riding is globally known as great sport and entertainment for growing kids. Many local agencies are available in Reykjavík who will offer you a horse riding on the lava fields and local glacier area. The activity will keep your happily occupied for pure fun and enjoyment with family.

Watch waxwork at Saga museum

This will be a real entertainment for you along with all family members. The waxwork portrays the history of Iceland since its prehistoric ages. You may get good guide here to assist you in understanding the tradition of Iceland in a detailed way. The tour takes almost 1 hour time and there are lovely gift shops for purchasing mementoes.

Watch and pet animals in Zoo

In Reykjavík you will get to visit different types of animals in the local zoo; for examples, the zoo has reindeer, seals, mink and a variety of small farm animals. The speciality of the zoo is visitors like you can pet the animals, which really amuse kids and adults who are animal lovers.

These are not the end of the list of activities you can enjoy at Reykjavík. Further, you can enjoy a picnic, you may try hiking, visit the open-air museum, etc. you may consult Iceland buddy Reykjavik guide to decide your travel itineraries during your stay at Reykjavík.