Four Essential Summer Shoes-2021

Summers are wantonly brilliant, a little humid but with clear blue skies. The days are sometimes so pretty that they make you want to get out of bed put on your leather chappals and go out for a walk in the bright sun. Look up towards it like a sunflower and feel like you are on the top of your world. 

The thing is there is beauty in every season. Every season has it’s pros and cons and I believe we should look at the bright side always. There are many articles that talk about women fashion and shoes, but today here we are going to talk about men’s leather shoes. There are many leather shoe shops near me that help me realise how important it is for us to talk about both men and women shoes together and equally. 

Now, you must be wondering why would anyone wear men’s leather shoes in summers but you forget there are leather shoes which are not shoes but sandals or chappals which are perfect for summers. I remember I used to go barefoot and walk on the cool grass, it just felt wonderful. 

Let’s talk about the four essential summer shoes that all men must have:

  1. Leather sandals:  Summers are a time to let your feet free. Let them be sweat-free. Let them feel the air passing through as your hair can every day. Leather sandals are fun, outgoing, free, casual yet party-worthy. They are today available in multiple colours and designs at the leather shop near me and you. They have been in existence for a long time now and evolved through centuries and cultures. They are modern and chic. Men’s leather shoes and sandals are now trending quite nicely.
  1. Loafers: Loafers exude confidence and a laid-back personality. It shows class and luxury. It also portrays a devil may care attitude. They are easy to wear and are timeless. You can feel comfortable in them and can wear them for a long day out. Loafers are available in many many colour options and designs. They also have added accessories like tassels. They are comfortable and can be worn for longer durations. You can wear them with chinos or shorts. They look good without any socks or no-ankle socks. 
  1. Slip-Ons: Slip-ons are a new trend in men’s leather shoes. They are easy to wear, comfortable and long-lasting if bought from a good leather shoe shop near me or you. You can find them online too. They also go well with chinos. leather shoes for men are evolving quite fastly. 
  1. Leather Chappals: Leather chappals just like leather sandals for men are fun, outgoing and chilling. It shows a relaxed and calm personality. At times it is almost intellectual. There is a perfect pairing that is seen with the leather chappals which is not as popular with other men’s shoes that is jeans, kurta and a Nehru jacket. This is the hot professor look just so you know. Chappals have been in this world for time immemorial. They are simple and were made for the protection of the human feet. Soon, they developed into multiple types of footwear. 

Well, now that we have discussed the four essential summer shoes for men let’s discuss a little more about the weather in question. Summers is directly proportional to a lot of sweat. So, always wear socks with shoes so that your feet don’t slip and socks can absorb all the moisture. Also, you should always wash your feet after coming back home as there can be bacteria growing due to sweat or dirt which can cause infections. 

Summers especially when hot and humid wear chappals or leather sandals. Leather sandals for men have become quite a trend, especially during summers. Hope you are ready for your summer and have got all your clothes ready. Also, if you are planning to travel during the summer then pick out your clothes and footwear appropriately. Beaches are also a hot-spot that we all like to visit during summer. Hope this article helped you understand the four essential footwear for men this summer and are going shopping soon.