Why Construction Industries need Dynamics 365 Map Tool

If you’re in the construction industry, you know that business revolves around customer relations. Clients offer projects for huge budgets based on how well they know or find a suitable firm. And each step your sales reps takes defines whether it would strengthen the bond or weaken it. That’s why it is crucial for you and your team to know the overall picture. 

But you might rely on spreadsheets to track the information, resulting in your teams working from one document to another with no clear results or accurate data. And this unclear understanding may hamper the firm’s sales and reputation. 

Well, CRM can eliminate this issue. However, for better performance and sound decisions, you should integrate a Dynamics 365 Map extension.

A Dynamics CRM Mapping extension would help you identify the potholes in the process. With it, you can locate your customers quickly. During fieldwork, it would help your team determine the best and shortest route. Overall, it would enable you and your team to visit more leads in a short time.

There’s more to a mapping extension. 

Let’s unveil it.

Generate and Nurture More Leads

A Dynamics CRM map tool gives your salespeople opportunities to reach and generate more leads. It allows them to locate customers by accessing defined routes from Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. By using the proximity search feature, they can look for nearby places. In case of a canceled meeting or change in time, they can look for other customers in the area and schedule an appointment if available. 

This tool will empower your salespeople to establish strong relations. They can easily find nearby places to hold meetings with prospective leads. This way, they can utilize time to the highest potential and pull more leads. 

Analyze the Activities

Suppose your firm includes specialty trades such as carpenters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, masons, and dredgers. And you want to know where your staff, i.e., these service providers are. Either you can call and ask. Or, you can have a tool that helps you track them. 

With the data overlaid on a geographical map, you can get your customers’ location, your team’s location, and more. With Live Tracking, you can know if your team is working according to the defined target. You can view all the activities from your desktop or mobile screen.  

Not only this, with visualization, you can identify different areas that need more attention. A Dynamics CRM mapping tool will further allow you to analyze targets and goals in the form of pie charts, graphs,etc. It would help you improve your business activities by analyzing data and taking right decisions. 

Track Team Performance

Often, it gets difficult to track employees’ status while on-site. There are a lot of factors for it. Sometimes, an internet issue, inadequate communication, a pile of tasks, and so on. To get an overview, Dynamics 365 mapping tool provides check-in and check-out features.

Your sales team can now record their task’ details, such as meetings, service activity, and custom activity. In other words, you can view how they perform. You can track the number of customers they reached, the duration of the meetings, the last update of the meeting, and more. 

For enhancement, it has a feature known as “live tracking”. It means you can track the details while the team is actually working.

Streamline Processes

With territory management, you can sort your leads and areas. You can create territories targeting different areas and customers on the map. Concurrently, you can assign those to your sales team. Thus, reduce the time spent on calls and discussions.

The Dynamics CRM mapping tool also helps you automate scheduling. You don’t need to remind your on-field reps about their upcoming meetings, due dates, or the route. The auto-scheduling feature will equip them with optimized routes to reach their leads on time. For instance, your interior designers will know about the clients they need to visit.

With an automated process, you can focus on your business improvements and ways to generate more leads.

Increase Customer Retention

Insights such as customer details, their buying patterns, behaviors, the data they surf will give you an idea of which potential customer is ready to be an actual customer. If a client looks for specific designs for their rooms, you can know they are in the thinking stage. If they start reviewing your work, testimonials, product pages, you can understand they are in the buying stage and are looking for firms.

With collected data, you can identify their needs and serve them in the best way possible.

With the target location, your marketing team can plan out ways to attract more customers. And together with salespeople, they can retain them. 

You, on the other hand, can plan to capitalize and increase your sales – all with a Dynamics 365 Mapping tool.

Make Sound Decisions

How cool it is to get an overview of the sales, reps, leads, follow-ups, and the entire business in one place!

The Dynamics CRM Mapping tool provides a powerful reporting and analytics dashboard. With it, you can view your entire business workflow. For instance, the site performance, sales and profits, contracts in hand, potential customers, and so on.

Eventually, you can pre plan your activities, and focus more on conversions and ROI.

Carry Out Multiple Activities

With Dynamics CRM Mapping tool, your salespeople can perform different actions such as call prospects, send emails, create activities while on-site. They can also use features like exports, bulk emails to target potential customers, and leads. 

If we combine all these features, you can easily target customers, achieve high sales, better performance, and ROI. A Dynamics 365 Map can help you get the upper hand in the business competition.



Dynamics CRM Mapping helps analyze data based on leads, revenue, teams, tasks, or visually via heat maps. Learn how construction industries can get a competitive edge with Dynamics 365 Map.